5 Unusual Picks For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

  • In the times when India has initiated entrepreneurship, it is so essential to learn from experiences of already established people. The path is not easy and longing to learn, breakthrough, staying motivated sores more than anything. The story of a mentor, a guide who has once been in the same path can be a true “Guru’s” lessons to the “Eklavyas” of the age. This is because India is still growing in this domain and very few people directly get guidance from a mentor. In such a setup, it is hard to break the clutches of worker mentality owing to social and economic situations as we have been conditioned like this for ages. Suddenly, walking the path of creation and uncertainty can pose some real challenge. So in this case or even if it is not the case, reading a book on someone who  a has made it big in accomplishing the a huge goal  can be a real conversation with evolved minds, changemakers or creators.

So let’s quickly address all the people whose Manipura chakra is resonating with the universe. You never know that with these life-changing books, you end  up learning about how to reach Sahasrara Chakra.

Note. People whose Manipura chakra are active, they are those who are doers. From business, social changermakers to politicians, people who share a longing to do something are those whose Manipura chakra is active. Sahasrara is is the highest chakra. People whose Sahasrara is active are those who are enlightened. And understanding life at this depth enables one accomplish tasks which no one could ever imagine. It helps in unleashing your true potential devoide of external or internal noise.

Let’s quickly delve into some important picks:-

  • Think and Grow Rich: This book is written by Napoleon Hill. The first step to do anything is not action but the foremost step is “thinking”. Yes, it is true, people who could accomplish anything, did it because of their vision and thinking first. The correct thinking led them to do action paving a way to the correct. People who long to do big must master their mind, heart, and energies first and that comes from changing thinking firstly. So this is surely a pick to vouch for.

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  • The Alchemist: This book is written by Paulo Coelho. Anyone who is subdued by the present situation and is convinced that it will not change anytime in the future must read this super fabulous fiction. It is for the people who share a vision to be the change, bring the change and see the world through different eyes. This shepherd’s story is a good pick to start with.

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  • Pyjama Profit: How many of us are still stuck in the loop of getting something and then thinking to start something. A lot of us are dissolved under the notion to do an MBA first and then start a startup or a business. Not only this many of us are in the habit to delay what it is to be done now in the search of prerequisites that we create in our minds on our own. Pyjama Profit by Varun Mayya talks about the coolest tips to start your own startup. So many times we just keep waiting, waiting and waiting for the golden opportunity but it is more about having a clear vision and then working, working and working.

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  • The Autobiography Of A Yogi: To start a startup or create anything the one thing which is required is continuous digging of what is inside and how the smallest of the thing in this whole universe has a whole universe is inside, how our energies affect is our environment. The concept of simultaneity of life and how yog as a tool can be applied to channelize our energies, action into the manifestation of what we long for. Once we have conquered this fact of life, the eternal life will be secured. The book is a journey of Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda who discovers the yogic path of life, in the search of the true meaning of yog.

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  • Bhagvat Gita: The one who is spiritually strong knows the dynamics of life. That person knows how to channelize his karma for the betterment of humankind and the universe at large. Gita is a dialogue between Parth (Arjuna) and Parthsarthi (Krishna) during the Battleground of Mahabharata. This dialogue opens up a dialogue which we undergo in own day to day life. The battleground is the battleground of our minds. The sarthi Krishna helps in finding everyone understands the correct way to life and thereby becoming enlightened to the true nature of life.

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For today’s entrepreneur, it is important to create something valuable with a mindset to contribute their share to the humankind and nature at large.

This enables helps people to wisely conduct themselves towards a startup holistically setup on the support of strong shoulders.

So it is your time now, take steps though small but do take to create a change which is as vast as an ocean.

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