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These 10 emerging AI startups could transform the AI landscape in India

Sumit Vishwakarma
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As the world continues to focus on adopting AI to overcome several challenges, It's inevitable for Indians to avoid becoming part of the growth. Over the past few months, especially since the launch of ChatGPT, the Indian AI landscape has undergone a significant transformation.

AI isn't a new term. It was originally coined by John McCarthy, along with Alan Turing, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, and Herbert A. Simon in a proposal for the famous Dartmouth conference in the summer of 1956. 

The sudden rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT has significantly energised the global AI ecosystem. Prior to 2022, India's AI startup scene was relatively nascent, with limited focus on advanced applications in fields such as natural language processing and machine learning.

However, the success of ChatGPT has catalysed a surge in innovation and investment within the country, prompting a wave of new startups to explore AI technologies and the potential to change India's growth landscape.


In this article, we will be talking about ten emerging AI startups that have the potential to transform the AI landscape in India completely.

While some of these startups don't directly cater to an individual customer, their offerings are poised to significantly impact various industries, ultimately contributing to a more technologically advanced and AI-integrated India.

10. ScribbleData

Founded by Indrayudh Ghoshal (Co-founder & CEO) and Venkata Pingali (Co-founder & COO), ScribbleData specialises in data preparation and lightweight machine learning algorithms. 

The startup has developed an intelligence platform, Enrich, that helps companies quickly get insights from their data, makes it easier for different parts of a company to work together, and ensures the data is reliable. It has also developed the Hasper engine, which uses large language models (LLMs) to enhance data analysis.

With an employee base of over 20 people, ScribbleData also has offices in Torronto and New York.

In March 2022, The startup raised $2.2 million in funding from Blume Ventures, with participation from Log X Ventures and Sprout Venture Partners, in addition to participation from Vivek N. Gour (former CFO, Genpact) and Ganesh Rao (Partner, Trilegal).

9. Kissan AI

Established in 2022 by Pratik Desai, Kissan AI is a Surat-based startup that focuses on integrating AI into agriculture. The startup has created Dhenu 1.0, an AI tool that understands English, Hindi, and Hinglish, helping farmers with advice on crops and pest control. It is also working on tools for monitoring soil and crops, making farming more precise, and providing market intelligence.

8. Jan AI

Led by Jaspreet Bindra from Tech Whisperer Ltd and Sudhir Tiwari from Thoughtworks, JanAI aims to create an AI model tailored for India or as a digital public good for India.

Similar to ChatGPT’s working, JanAI aims to understand the country's diverse languages and cater to local needs. The project is a collaboration involving the government, the IT industry, and academic institutions. 

It's still in development and will focus on being an AI model trained on Indian data.

7. MachineHack GenAI

Founded by Bhasker Gupta and Krishna Rastogi, The Bengaluru-based MachineHack GenAI hosts AI hackathons and offers AI career guidance tools. 

The startup organises hackathons, courses, and coding competitions, which it believes present unique opportunities for individuals to test their skills, learn, and evolve, all while contributing to the growth of the AI ecosystem. 

Their platform uses GPT-4 and other algorithms to help developers improve coding skills and offers instant data analysis tools.

6. Blend

Co-founded by Vishwanath Kollapudi and Jamsheed Kamardeen in 2022, Blend.to provides AI-powered tools for e-commerce sellers.

The startup helps e-commerce sellers create professional product images and marketing materials using artificial intelligence (AI). Its online platform can generate product mockups, different product variations, social media graphics, and even AI-generated product descriptions.

Blend also operates a Seller Academy and offers 10,000+ customisable templates, studio-grade AI-generated backgrounds, and a wide range of UI elements.

5. Assert AI

Assert AI is a Mumbai-based startup, founded in 2020 by Job Philip and Nitin Jain, that offers Software-as-Service (SaaS) solutions powered with AI for comprehensive video analytics.

The startup specialises in providing computers with capabilities similar to human vision but without the errors that humans can make. Essentially, they equip computers with "eyes" that are always alert and software that can process visual information.

It’s worth noting that its solutions aren’t a replacement for humans.

It offers a range of advanced computer vision services, including a Facial Recognition Toolkit, Object detection and tracking toolkit, Health & safety compliance toolkit, security toolkit, footfall monitoring toolkit, bay analytics toolkit, productivity toolkit, drone-based AI, and gesture emotion analytics.

4. Arya.ai

Arya.ai is a Mumbai-based AI startup founded in 2013 by Vinay Kumar Sankarapu and Deekshith Marla. 

The startup offers the 'AI' cloud for Banks, Insurers and Financial Services (BFSI) institutions to find the right AI APIs, Expert AI Solutions and comprehensive AI Governance tools required to deploy trustable and self-learning AI engines.

“At Arya.ai, we productised the vertical-specific layers required for BFSIs to deploy safe, responsible and auditable ‘AI’ across use cases,” Arya.ai says.

3. Yellow.ai

Founded by Raghu Ravinutala, Rashid Khan, and Jaya Kishore Gollareddy, Yellow.ai is one of the top leaders in conversational AI, delivering autonomous, human-like experiences for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth.

With the help of a generative AI-powered dynamic automation platform, The startup aims to deliver conversational experiences via its dynamic AI agents that help enterprises achieve higher customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

It serves BFSI, healthcare, utilities, retail, and other industries, including travel, education, gaming, telecom, automotive, manufacturing, real estate, restaurants & food delivery.

2. Data Science Wizards

Data Science Wizards (DSW) is a Mumbai and Dublin-based startup founded in 2019 by Pritesh Surendra Tiwari, Ramesh Khare, Sandeep Khuperkar, and Shivam Thakkar. 

The startup enables enterprises to build their AI-powered value chain use cases and seamlessly transition from experimentation to production with trust and scale.

Data Science Wizards has developed a flagship platform, UnifyAI, which enables organisations to easily develop, deploy, manage, and serve AI/ML models with a unified data pipeline and feature store capabilities for AI/ML model consumption. 

This reduces time-to-production by ~40% and the total cost of ownership (TCO) by ~30% as the use case scales. 

It aims to empower organisations to create AI-driven solutions across their entire business, resulting in increased scalability, predictability, revenue growth, and enhanced customer experience.

1. Avaamo

Founded by Ram Menon and Sriram Chakravarthy, Avaamo is a deep-learning software startup that specialises in conversational interfaces to solve specific, high-impact problems in the enterprise. 

The startup is building fundamental AI technology across a broad area of neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning to make conversational computing a reality for the enterprise.

With Voice demo—patient scheduling, It offers immediate and individualised assistance to patients in the healthcare, banking, education, insurance, and supply chain sectors. 

Avaamo is helping businesses create a virtual assistant through solutions incorporating various automation skills based on industry. Some of its offerings include a conversational AI platform, intelligent virtual assistants, contact centre AI, cognitive search, voice AI, security, and compliance.

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