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Accelerate India raises undisclosed funding from GrowthSense

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Accelerate India raises undisclosed funding from GrowthSense

Accelerate India, a pioneering initiative dedicated to fostering global entrepreneurship and innovation, recently raised an undisclosed amount in a funding round led by Akola-based GrowthSense.

Founded by industry leaders Jimish Kapadia and Sanjay Sarda, GrowthSense aims to empower startups by providing resources, mentorship, and strategic support. The latest investment by GrowthSense underscores its commitment to nurturing cross-border collaborations and driving entrepreneurship forward.

What does Accelerate India do?

Accelerate India stands at the forefront of initiatives aimed at promoting startups globally, facilitating their growth trajectory, and nurturing connections with potential investors and industries worldwide.


Serving as a dynamic platform, Accelerate India empowers startups, family offices, and enterprises to embrace the global stage, bridging the gap between innovation and international impact.

It is committed to supporting startups across diverse sectors, including fintech, medtech, deeptech, EVs, agritech, and many others. 

Expanding global presence

Accelerate India is expanding its global presence in key destinations such as Austria, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, the UK, the USA, Finland, and Netherlands. 

According to Dr Neha Sharma, Founder & Director of Accelerate India, the raised capital will enable the company to provide startups with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to thrive in the dynamic global entrepreneurial landscape.

"We are thrilled to have achieved this milestone in our journey towards empowering startups globally. The funds raised will enable us to. In addition, we have recently solidified partnerships with key players in the global startup ecosystem. Furthermore, the organization has identified comprehensive market access programs designed to prepare startups for seamless global expansion," Sharma said.

Accelerate India remains committed to forging cross-border partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries, the release notes.

What did GrowthSense say?

"Accelerate India's mission aligns perfectly with GrowthSense's vision of creating a dependable platform for investors and startups alike. Together, they look forward to leveraging their collective expertise to propel startups onto the global stage and redefine success in the entrepreneurial landscape," GrowthSense said in a statement.

"As a co-founder of GrowthSense, I am excited about this partnership with Accelerate India," said Jimish Kapadia, Co-Founder of GrowthSense. "Together, we will amplify opportunities for startups and contribute to their global success."