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Aerial logistics drone startup BonV Aero raises Rs 6Cr led by Inflection Point Ventures

Jaya Vishwakarma
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BonV Aero Team

BonV Aero Team

Aerial logistics drone startup BonV Aero has raised Rs 6 crore in a funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), a Gurugram-based angel investment firm.

What is the purpose of fundraising?

The startup plans to use the raised capital towards client demonstrations, team expansion and internal R&D focused on enhancing products for customers, researching propulsion systems and advancing power plants.

Satyabrata Satapathy, CEO & Co-Founder, BonV Aero, said, “Funds will be deployed to mature our current Aerial Platform and conduct demonstrations to scale orders in this segment. The support from IPV investors significantly bolsters our confidence in the path we’ve travelled and our vision to revolutionize aerial mobility for both goods and people in India and worldwide. Personally, I appreciate the seamless deal flow, characterized by sharp timelines, as we firmly believe that, in addition to financial backing, time is a critical factor in any startup journey. We also extend our gratitude to Dynamic Orbits team, our advisors and mentors for their constant support in our fund raise and growth journey.”


Revolutionizing aerial mobility

BonV Aero revolutionizes aerial mobility through cutting-edge electric vehicles for both goods and passenger transportation specializing in state-of-the-art aerial vehicles tailored for challenging terrains like the Himalayas.

The startup primarily focuses on critical needs such as Indian defence logistics, disaster relief, emergency medical services, supply chain logistics and rapid commerce deliveries.

Who are the founders?

The startup is led by Satyabrata Satapathy (CEO & Co-founder), Gaurav Achha (Co-CEO & Co-founder), Abinash Sahoo (CTO & Co-founder), Rahul Kumar (Chief of Design & Co-founder), Sultan Khan (Chief of Manufacturing & Co-founder) and Umang Rathi (Chief of Operations & Software) who collectively bring diverse expertise from renowned companies like Asteria Aerospace, Bosch Automotive and ISRO.

Developing India's first logistic aerial vehicle

Notably, BonV Aero has created India’s first logistic aerial vehicle, capable of carrying 50 kilos over 10 kilometres at 10,000 feet in hilly regions and have backed commercial orders. The vehicle operates autonomously, without constant pilot intervention. Its in-house propulsion system ensures efficient flights in extreme weather and high altitudes, marking it as a reliable choice for challenging conditions.

Conducting trials with the Indian Army

At present, BonV Aero is actively conducting product trials with the Indian Army, marking an initial phase in operational scale. BonV Aero is incubated at AIC CV Raman Global University, Odisha and have secured the HDFC CSR Social Impact Grant.

The logistic aerial vehicle market in India is estimated at $6.7 billion, while the global market is projected to reach $44 billion by 2027. 

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