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Agritech startup BharatRohan raises $2.3M in funding led by Venture Garage, RevX, others

ISN Team
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Agritech startup BharatRohan has secured $2.3 million in a pre-IPO funding round led by Venture Garage, RevX, Caspian, and Villgro Innovation Foundation. 

The startup plans to use the funds to develop proprietary edge computing drones specifically for precise crop monitoring and variable pesticide application. 

These drones will be made available to rural entrepreneurs through franchise-based models. Additionally, the company plans to design and develop compact hyperspectral and multispectral sensors for drones.

Founders emphasize commitment to expansion and innovation


Founders Amandeep Panwar and Rishabh Choudhary emphasized the company's commitment to enhancing services and expanding its reach across the nation. "It strengthens our resolve to enhance our services and expand our reach across the nation, ensuring that farming becomes more scientific, sustainable, and profitable," they said.

Vivek Kumar, founder of Venture Garage, recognized the company's unique position: "BharatRohan is in a unique position using the latest technology to solve one of the oldest problems of continuously optimizing farming and bridging farmers to the most profitable markets. Growing at a rapid pace, we at Venture Garage strongly feel that BharatRohan is on track to not only build a company championing sustainable and scalable agriculture but also deliver great earnings for their investors."

Supporting farmers and driving revenue growth

Founded in 2016, BharatRohan currently supports 50,000 farmers covering 200,000 acres in five states with its advanced drone-based decision-support system, BharatRohan CropAssure.

This system identifies diseases, pests, and nutritional deficiencies in the early stages, enabling integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for residue-free crop cultivation.

The startup plans to expand its operations and offerings in 15 Indian states, covering 10 lakh acres by 2025. It claims to have shown significant growth, increasing revenue threefold and profit by 200% from the last financial year.

Accelerating agritech solutions across India

BharatRohan intends to accelerate its services with its proprietary edge computing drones and adaptive pesticide delivery systems. These innovative solutions will be distributed to rural entrepreneurs via a franchise-based model, empowering them to offer CropAssure services to farmers nationwide.

As BharatRohan continues to expand and enhance its precision agriculture solutions, it aims to revolutionize farming practices in India, making them more scientific, sustainable, and profitable for farmers and investors alike.