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AI design powerhouse Nirwana.AI raises funding at over Rs 100 crore valuation

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(L-R) Arpit Jain, an architecture industry expert, Shashank Jain, SME and Co-founder of Nirwana.AI, Kapil Gupta, Chairman of Nirwana.AI and Adit Singh, CEO of Nirwana.AI

(L-R) Arpit Jain, an architecture industry expert, Shashank Jain SME and Co-founder of Nirwana.AI, Kapil Gupta, Chairman of Nirwana.AI and Adit Singh, CEO of Nirwana.AI

Nirwana.AI, an AI design tool, has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round at a valuation of over Rs 100 crore. 

The funding was led by the Canadian company and HNI Family Offices.

Nirwana.AI was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs – Kapil Gupta, a Fortune 40 under 40 leader; Shashank Jain & Arpit Jain, the leading interior designers in India, Alok Gupta; and Adit Singh.

What does Nirwana.AI do?


Nirwana.AI is transforming how interior designers and homeowners bring their creative ideas to life. The startup's tool empowers them to visualize design concepts, slashing traditional project time and costs by up to a 85%.

Furthermore, Nirwana.AI also benefits home improvement companies like paint, tile, furniture, and lighting manufacturers, whereby the customers can visualize these companies' products in their homes using the tool, leading to a potential 20x sales increase, the release notes.

Leadership comments

Kapil Gupta, Chairman of Nirwana.AI, said, "Home improvement companies often struggle to simplify the customer experience. Imagine visiting a paint store overwhelmed by color choices. With Nirwana.AI, visualizing the perfect paint color in your home is a click away, making the decision process effortless. Nirwana.AI is at the forefront of this transformation, offering an unmatched tool that combines the power of AI with user-friendly customization."

Adit Singh, CEO of Nirwana.AI, said the company aims to be the leading choice for product visualization among global home improvement manufacturers.

“We are poised to expand into new markets like exterior, outdoor, and event design, significantly amplifying our market potential. Nirwana.AI is committed to becoming the world's strongest design and visualization tool, not only capturing these markets but also propelling them forward through relentless innovation."

Offering a comprehensive suite of features

Nirwana.AI boasts a comprehensive suite of features, including an AI object editing brush for effortless manipulation of furniture, wallpaper, paint colors, and tiles.

Additionally, the floorplan to 3D model generator facilitates rapid 3D rendering and design. The tool supports multiple styles and reference images, enabling users to design stunning interiors in just 30 seconds.