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Bengaluru-based AI startup rampp.ai raises $500K in an angel round

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Ajay Agrawal, Co-Founder and CEO

Ajay Agrawal, Co-Founder and CEO

Bengaluru-based AI startup rampp.ai has raised $500,000 in an angel funding round led by a group of seasoned executives and startup entrepreneurs based in North America and India.

While the startup didn't disclose the identities of the investors, It plans to use the raised capital to accelerate product development and expand its market presence.

"We see early investor support as a validation of our core strategy to leverage GenAI for tackling transformative challenges...this funding will help us accelerate our product development and expand our market footprint," said Ajay Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of rampp.ai.

What does rampp.ai do?


Founded by tech entrepreneurs Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee in 2023, rampp.ai is focused on building an AI-led platform harnessing the evolving power of generative AI to drive real-time personalized transformation journeys, enabling agility, faster innovation, and business growth for enterprises globally.

The startup's primary product RADI Navigator Platform delivers real-time, contextual, and customized insights so organizations can strategize and execute their transformation journeys across business domains and functions.

This results in agile adaptation and scalable pivoting with measurable outcomes, no matter the distinct challenges a business faces, the release notes.

Using GenAI to tackle transformative challenges

Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee have a long history of leveraging technology to solve complex business problems, with rampp.ai being their fourth venture together. Their vision is to use GenAI to tackle transformative challenges faced by enterprises today.

Huzefa Saifee, the co-founder and CTO of rampp.ai, added, “AI is slated to impact every facet of our personal and professional lives, and GenAI is a critical precursor to the advent of General AI. With our team’s coveted technical skills, we are on our way to productize our vision and transform it into reality.”