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An on-demand talent platform TimBuckDo raises Rs 2 crore from Morton Meyerson, Nandkishore Kalambi

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Mythri Kumar and Apoorv Sharma Prasad

Mythri Kumar and Apoorv Sharma Prasad

Bengaluru-based an on-demand talent platform TimBuckDo has raised Rs 2 crore in seed funding round led by two US-based angel investors—Morton Meyerson and Nandkishore (Andy) Kalambi.

The startup will use the raised capital to enhance its platform and expand its reach to students across India.

“With over 50% of India's population under the age of 25, it's crucial to harness their potential and empower them relevant opportunities. The part-time job market is experiencing significant growth, with a 30% increase in opportunities over the past year alone. At Timbuckdo, we are committed to provide flexible and meaningful employment to the younger generation and thereby drive economic growth,” said Mythri Kumar & Apoorv Sharma Prasad, Co-founders of Timbuckdo.

What does TimBuckDo do?


TimBuckDo was founded by Mythri Kumar and Apoorv Sharma Prasad with the aim of connecting students with part-time gig opportunities.

By leveraging AI and technology, The startup bridges the gap between students seeking flexible employment and businesses in need of part-time support.

“Their belief in our vision of creating a dynamic gig portal for student part-timers underscores the growing importance of flexible work solutions in the modern economy. With their support, we are well-positioned to enhance our platform and expand our reach to students across the country,” the co-founders said.

Who are the investors?

Nandkishore (Andy) Kalambi and Morton Meyerson are the two angel investors backing TimBuckDo. Kalambi has over 25 years of executive leadership experience in managing enterprise technology solutions across multiple geographies.

He has a proven track record of introducing and rapidly scaling new technologies with industry giants like Siemens, SAP, and Dassault Systèmes. Currently, through Kanu Ventures, he focuses on applying his knowledge and expertise to the application of AI for nature and business.

“The future of work is gig, and TimBuckDo is building the next generation workforce for the world by catching them young and providing real-world work exposure through various part-time jobs,” said Kalambi.

Morton Meyerson, the other investor, brings a wealth of experience from his roles as former Chief Technology Officer at General Motors and retired President and Vice-Chairman of Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

He also served as Chair, President, and CEO of Perot Systems, where he significantly grew the company's revenue. Meyerson has a long association with India, having set up HCL-Perot and grown it rapidly. He has also mentored notable figures like Michael Dell and Mark Cuban.

“I believe in the idea of TimBuckDo, and I am confident it will become one of my most promising investments,” Meyerson said.

“The platform has the potential to transform the gig economy for students and create significant opportunities. I am also delighted to team with Andy for our first joint investment in India.”