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BFSI-focused AI/ML platform Metis raises Rs 1.3 crore led by Inflection Point Ventures

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L-R Amit Saraswat CPO, Khushru F. Doctor CEO, Metis

L-R Amit Saraswat CPO, Khushru F. Doctor CEO, Metis

Metis Intellisystems, which stands for Intelligent Decisioning using AI & ML for BFSI, has raised Rs 1.3 crore in a funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures, a Gurugram-based angel investment firm.

The startup plans to use the raised capital to further develop the pioneering solutions, optimize strategic use, and expand local and global outreach avenues to expand its market presence and drive growth, as per the statement.

"Metis Intellisystems aims to transform the fintech industry using its cutting-edge AI/ML technologies. There is a lack of high-tech, intelligent decision-making processes, even in large fintechs. Metis aims to spearhead the adoption of intelligent systems for decision-making to replace outdated technologies or manual methods," said Khushru F. Doctor, CEO of Metis Intellisystems.

What does Metis Intellisystems do?


Founded in 2021, Metis Intellisystems is dedicated to developing fintech solutions using AI and ML. The startup has developed an advanced decision-making platform, QANAT, that seamlessly parses and accurately analyzes bank statements and GST data.

Metis claims the platform can quite accurately triangulate GST, bank data, SMS, and Bank Data. Other data sources, such as the Bureau, ITR, and Financial statements, are also available. It also detects fraudulent statements and transactions. 

The platform can process statements from multiple banks simultaneously and will eventually incorporate data from additional sources. While QANAT has numerous applications, its primary focus is on lending portfolio management – Onboarding, risk assessment, early warning system, and cross-selling.

The team behind Metis Intellisystems

Khushru F. Doctor, CEO of Metis, with over 30 years of experience, has led large and small global projects. His extensive qualifications include MCA, former CISA, CSM, PMP, and a Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking.

"Leveraging our expertise in advanced technologies, experience in Fintech, and passion for problem-solving, Metis seeks to harness and interweave abundant, diverse data sources via cross-referencing and triangulation to champion a paradigm shift to automated intelligence," Khushru added.

The CPO, Amit Saraswat, has over 20 years of experience, backed by a PhD in “Advanced Statistical Methods” and a Bachelor's Degree from IIT Roorkee.

 As the first Data Scientist at LendingKart, he pioneered data-driven strategies in the fintech space. His expertise has also been honed through roles as a Data Scientist at Fidelity Investments and Home Credit.

Investor comments

Vikram Ramasubramanian, Partner, Inflection Point Ventures, said, “As credit availability increases, boosting economic growth, credit decision-making must become more robust. With a wealth of qualitative and quantitative information available today, data science is essential for improving credit decisions. Analytics not only assist lenders before lending but also act as early warning systems during the credit term, ensuring credit quality is maintained."

"While existing applications help lenders with credit decisions, they often fail to adapt to the evolving credit landscape and fully leverage data science. Metis addresses this with more accurate and agile data analytics and early warning systems. Led by Khusru and Amit, who bring deep and complementary expertise, Metis is well-positioned to thrive in this market," Ramasubramanian said.

The digital lending sector, in which Metis operates, is projected to grow significantly, from its current valuation of $270 billion to $ 1.3 trillion by 2030.