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Early-stage VC firm Merak Ventures invests $1.2M in SaaS platform Rupyz

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Rupyz team

Rupyz team

Merak Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, invested $1.2 million in Rupyz, a SaaS platform designed to revolutionize B2B commerce and omnichannel distribution for FMCG and consumer brands. 

Focusing on distribution-led B2B businesses

Rupyz introduces an integrated SaaS solution that empowers businesses to automate and scale their distribution across both offline and online channels.

By focusing on distribution-led B2B businesses in sectors like Food, FMCG, Personal Care, and Lifestyle, The startup aims to enhance sales and fulfilment channels, overseeing a network of 85 brands, more than 6,500 distributors, and over 250,000 retailers.


Manu Rikhye, Partner at Merak Ventures, shared, "Rupyz is addressing a critical need by enhancing omni-channel distribution by digitally transforming the B2B businesses of India. These businesses are essential for the economy and for providing access to their products to last-mile consumers. Rupy's Commitment to solving real-world challenges in distribution led businesses aligns with our thesis of values-driven investment."

Who are the founders?

The Rupyz team is led by co-founders Dhaval Radia, Founder & CEO, Gourav Gupta, Co-founder & COO, Akshay Gupta, Co-founder & CBO and Palash Lunia, Co-founder & Sales Head.

"In light of next-generation leaders being inducted in 75 percent of family businesses, a pivotal shift towards digitization emerges. This trend underscores a significant opportunity for the digital transformation of family enterprises, signaling a promising evolution in the B2B commerce landscape," said Dhaval Radia, Co-founder and CEO of Rupyz.

He said Rupyz's unique omni-commerce approach is not just enhancing operational efficiencies but is amongst the first brands to completely redefine how firms, distributors, and retailers connect, communicate, and do business.

Aiming to onboard over 3,000 businesses

Rupyz aims to onboard over 3,000 businesses in the next 12 to 15 months. The startup will use the recent funding strategically to enhance its core technological offerings, ensuring that the solutions provided are not only robust and scalable but also capable of delivering significant improvements in ROI and operational efficiency for SMBs.

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