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Healthtech startup Aarogya Tech raises $1.8M in a Seed round

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Prashant Trivedi and Lokendra Thakur

Prashant Trivedi and Lokendra Thakur

Healthtech startup Aarogya Tech has raised $1.8 million in seed funding round, with $1.5 million in fresh capital led by Hasu P Shah, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Hersha Hospitality Trust, who will also take a seat on the Aarogya Tech Board.

The startup, which is headquartered in the US and operates in Bengaluru, aims to use this investment to push the boundaries of product development and expand its team.

Accelerating product development

According to the company's statement, the raised capital would be used to accelerate its product development, enhance its analytics and machine learning capabilities, and more than double its product and growth teams in Bengaluru. 


What does Aarogya Tech do?

Founded in early 2023 by Prashant Trivedi and Lokendra Thakur, The startup offers clinician-led, data-driven personalized health management services that can be accessed from the comfort of home or community centres. This model aims to prevent diseases and diagnose them early, thereby improving population health, quality of life, and longevity. 

Patient monitoring system

The startup has developed a patient monitoring system aimed at reducing chronic heart failure readmission rates and launched DocSeva.com, a personalized health management solution partnering with over 10 businesses in Bengaluru. 

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