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Healthtech Startup Portl raises $3M led by Bharat Innovation Fund, Kalaari, T-Hub Foundation

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Portl Founders Indraneel Gupta, Vishal Chandapeta, and Armaan Kandhari

Portl Founders Indraneel Gupta, Vishal Chandapeta, and Armaan Kandhari

Digital fitness and wellness technology startup Portl has raised $3 million in a funding round led by Bharat Innovation Fund.

The round also saw participation from existing investor Kalaari Capital and new investor T-Hub Foundation. The latest funding marks a significant milestone for the company, which aims to enhance its product development, market expansion, and AI systems.

What is the purpose of fundraising?

The startup plans to use the raised funding to accelerate product development, expand its market reach, and improve its advanced AI systems. 


"This latest funding round validates our vision and commitment to making health and fitness accessible to everyone, no matter where they are," said Indraneel Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Portl.

Gupta said Portl will integrate advanced AI and innovative hardware to empower individuals to "achieve their wellness goals seamlessly and effectively, delivering personalized experiences at scale and providing people the opportunity to adopt healthier lifestyles with ease."

What does Portl do?

Founded in March 2021 by Indraneel Gupta, Vishal Chandapeta, and Armaan Kandhari, Portl has developed a flagship product called the Portl Studio.

The device features a Smart Mirror equipped with a 43-inch 4K display, biosensors, HD cameras, and edge AI processing.

The technology offers real-time feedback on users' form, monitors health metrics, and integrates with telemedicine, providing a comprehensive wellness experience. The Smart Mirror also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

Providing customized workout plans

Portl leverages cutting-edge AI and personalization technology to deliver highly tailored fitness experiences directly to users' homes, luxury hotels, and gyms.

The startup's AI personalization engine provides customized workout plans based on fitness levels, daily performance, and preferences in real-time.

The technology is designed to work across various hardware platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

According to Ashwin Raguraman, Founding Partner at Bharat Innovation Fund, "Portl's advanced AI technology provides form feedback across a variety of personalized fitness regimes, including Yoga, HIIT, Dance etc. We are excited to be a part of Portl's mission to bring the convenience of high-quality trainers, and a variety of training routines into people's homes, and hotel rooms."