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Heat Cure raises funding from angel investors to accelerate growth and market expansion

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Heat Cure

Heat Cure, which claims to be India's first Japanese nano-technology-based transparent liquid coating for all types of glasses, has raised an undisclosed amount in funding from angel investors.

What is the purpose of fundraising?

The startup said that the funding would enable it to expand and launch extensive marketing efforts, aiming to make its product accessible to a broader audience across the country.

It also plans to invest towards team expansion, bolstering its capabilities with experienced professionals in distribution and accelerating Above the Line (ATL) marketing campaigns. Heat Cure aims to scale its presence in the top 42 cities of India, spanning from Jammu & Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, and targets onboarding approximately 5000 partners. 


"This funding is a significant step, providing the financial backing to execute our strategic plans for expansive marketing, team expansion, and participation in key industry events. As we move forward, we are confident that this infusion of funds will propel Heat Cure to new heights, allowing us to achieve a 5X revenue increase in the next financial year. Our goal is not just financial success; it's about making Heat Cure a more affordable and widely available solution for our customers, ultimately creating a lasting impact on the construction industry in India." said Sanjay Mendiratta, Managing Director, Heat Cure. 

Focused on reducing prices

Heat Cure said that it is a cash-positive and profit-generating company and aims to strengthen its market position further and drive growth. 

The startup is looking at ways to reduce prices, including optimizing its procurement strategies. Additionally, It looks to establish a manufacturing unit in India to cut production costs and expanding its business to increase its revenues and reach across India within the next year.

What does HeatCure do?

HeatCure is a Japanese nanotechnology that effectively blocks up to 85% of heat, including infrared rays, from entering buildings through glass surfaces. With its unique liquid coating, The startup provides comprehensive protection against heat and UV rays while maintaining optimal visible light transmission. 

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