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Log analytics startup Parseable raises $2.75M led by Surge and NP-Hard Ventures

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Bengaluru-based log analytics startup Parseable has raised $2.75 million in a seed funding round led by Surge and NP-Hard Ventures.

The fresh capital will be used to accelerate Parseable's innovation in managing the increasing amount of log data generated by today's digital businesses.

Addressing the challenges of log analytics

With global data creation expected to exceed 180 zettabytes by 2025, businesses face significant challenges in efficiently managing and analyzing their ever-growing log data.


Proper analysis of such data offers invaluable insights into application performance, user behaviour, and potential security threats. However, managing and analyzing this data without incurring high operational costs or sacrificing scalability and flexibility has proven to be a challenge.

"Every company I spoke to was frustrated about the cost and complexity of log analytics while also seeking new ways to extract insights from their data. We see a foundational shift away from siloed data infrastructure," said Nitish Tiwari, Founder of Parseable.

Cloud-native design and open formats for unified log analytics

Parseable is built from the ground up as a modern, cloud-native log analytics platform, enabling businesses to deploy large-scale log data workloads in any environment while capturing as much value as possible from their log data.

By leveraging open formats like Apache Parquet and Apache Arrow, Parseable ensures that log data is not just accessible but also interoperable, allowing integration with other tools and systems.

Parseable's cloud-native architecture allows it to fully exploit cloud computing benefits such as scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

The platform dynamically adjusts resources to meet demand, ensuring businesses can manage their data effectively without worrying about infrastructure overhead.

What did investors say about Parseable?

Micha “mies” Hernandez van Leuffen, co-founder and partner at NP-Hard Ventures, emphasized the firm's enthusiasm for Parseable's developer-first approach to observability. "We’re very excited to partner up with Parseable and support them in their journey to supercharge log analytics with their developer-first approach to observability."

He added that innovative, efficient, and scalable log analytics solutions have become essential as businesses continue to generate vast quantities of log data.

Surge, known for supporting early-stage businesses in Australia, Singapore, and India, has included over 330 founders and 140 startups across 16 sectors in less than five years. To date, Surge startups have collectively raised over $2 billion in follow-on funding post the accelerator program.