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Medtech startup neuro42 raises funding from angel investor Karna D Shinde

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Karna D Shinde (Investor and Strategic Advisor)

Karna D Shinde (Investor and Strategic Advisor)

neuro42, a developer of innovative neurosurgical technologies including portable MRI systems and robotic platforms, has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round from serial strategic angel investor Karna D Shinde. 

This is Karna's third round of investment in the startup.

USFDA clearance and product development

The investment follows neuro42's recent success in obtaining USFDA 510(k) clearance for its portable MRI device in February 2024, an approval that enables the company to proceed with commercializing its technology.


"The FDA clearance of our bedside MRI product marks a significant milestone for neuro42. Our team has been dedicated to impacting patient care, and now we can equip healthcare providers with a crucial tool to enhance neuroimaging accessibility," said Abhita Batra, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of neuro42.

What did Karna D Shinde say about neuro42?

Karna D Shinde, who has been deeply involved with neuro42 since its early days, expressed his vision for the company's impact on neurosurgery. "The diagnostic and interventional capabilities of neuro42’s MRI have the potential to transform how complex brain tumour cases are managed and treated," stated Shinde. H

Innovation and expansion

With this funding, neuro42 plans to expand its development of AI-driven tissue characterization features that offer neurosurgeons crucial insights, enable informed decisions, and potentially improve patient outcomes.

The portable nature of the MRI system is particularly aimed at enhancing its utility in clinical settings, offering flexibility and convenience to healthcare providers.

Expanding reach within and beyond the U.S. market

neuro42 aims to use the fresh capital to further its innovations in MR-guided interventions and to expand its reach within and beyond the U.S. market.

The company envisions broadening its influence by integrating advanced diagnostics and robotic technologies to refine neurosurgical procedures, thus improving efficiency and treatment effectiveness.