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Mumbai-based Enrico Eyewear raises Rs 2.1Cr led by 100X.VC; Know the offerings

Vivek Vishwakarma
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Kavin Khara enrico eyewear

Kavin Khara

Mumbai-based Enrico Eyewear, an emerging player in the eyewear industry, has raised Rs 2.1 crore in a pre-seed funding round led by 100X.VC, a notable investor in the startup ecosystem. 

The startup, which was founded in 2022 by Kavin Khara, plans to use the raised capital to expand its market reach and educate customers about the importance of quality eyewear.

The evolving eyewear market 

The eyewear market has undergone a significant transformation, with glasses evolving from mere functional items to fashionable accessories. Notably, the shift has expanded the market considerably.


However, challenges persist, such as pricing issues and a lack of awareness about environmental impacts on eye health, like UV rays and air pollution. Enrico Eyewear said it addresses these challenges with its innovative products, offering protection against harmful blue light and UV rays.

Featuring 9-layered coated lenses

Enrico Eyewear's products feature 9-layered coated lenses, blue light blockers, UV protectors, and scratch protectors. The startup focuses on zero power screen glasses, night driving glasses, photochromic glasses, and reading glasses.

The specialization eliminates the need for optometrists or eye testing equipment, making their business model futuristic and asset-light, it said.

The future of the eyewear market 

The global eyewear market, currently valued at around $115 billion, is expected to grow significantly due to the increased awareness of UV dangers, rising visual impairments, and the growing demand for trendy eyewear. 

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