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Project management platform Plane raises $4 million in funding led by OSS Capital

Vivek Vishwakarma
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Plane Founders Vamsi Kurama and Vihar Kurama

Plane Founders Vamsi Kurama and Vihar Kurama

Plane, an open-source project management platform, has raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by OSS Capital. Alongside, Plane has introduced 'Plane One', a new pricing plan tailored for self-managed instance owners in growing companies.

Plane One aims to make instance governance, security, and performance easier for both new and existing Plane admins at these companies.

Simplifying project management  

Founded by brothers Vamsi Kurama and Vihar Kurama in November 2022, Plane aims to simplify project management across various industry verticals. The platform is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and capable of supporting teams of all sizes.


Vamsi Kurama, co-founder and CEO of Plane, articulated their mission, stating, "This funding validates our vision of creating a user-friendly, extensible, and affordable project management product. As a first step, Plane One is designed ground-up for growing businesses that need essential tools to manage their projects and their instance better without being locked into ongoing SaaS-pricing commitments."

What are Plane One's features and pricing?

Plane One is a first-in-open-source pricing plan that offers a one-time perpetual license for $799, with a $100 discount for the first 100 orders. It promises an easy, one-click deployment that can be completed in under ten minutes on most infrastructures.

Plane One also includes weekly performance and security updates, exclusive features for optimal application performance, and advanced project management tools like Active Cycles and custom filters. Additional features, such as wishlist importers and integrations, will be added in future updates.

What did the investors say about Plane?

Joseph Jacks, Founder of OSS Capital, expressed strong support for Plane's initiative. "Plane’s open-core model, strong community engagement, and first-principles approach to project management deeply impressed us," he said. "With Plane One, they are now doubling down on their mission to be a viable, open-source, and sustainable alternative to incumbents of the industry."