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SaaS startup Scrut Automation raises $10M led by existing investors

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Aayush Ghosh Choudhury, Jayesh Gadewar, and Kush Kaushik

Aayush Ghosh Choudhury, Jayesh Gadewar, and Kush Kaushik

Scrut Automation, a SaaS startup specializing in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), has raised $10 million in funding led by existing investors—Lightspeed, MassMutual Ventures, and Endiya Partners. 

The fresh influx of growth capital propels the company's total venture funding to $20.5 million since its foundation in 2021.

Scrut plans to utilize the raised capital to enhance its platform and leverage generative AI to streamline risk and compliance operations. Apart from this, It also plans to expand its footprint into the North American and European markets.

What does Scrut Automation do?


Scrut Automation addresses the nuanced risk and compliance obstacles that mid-market tech businesses, especially those in tightly regulated sectors like healthcare and financial services, encounter.

These organizations often struggle with strict compliance demands and the ever-present need to manage risks effectively while grappling with budgetary constraints and limited staff. Scrut’s platform stands out by offering a third path: a scalable GRC program that aligns with an organization’s specific risks, goals, and resources, moving away from the "one-size-fits-all" model that plagues the industry.

Focused on innovating 

Scrut Automation focuses on intelligent, context-aware automation. By integrating generative AI into their platform, Scrut aims to drastically reduce the manual effort required in compliance and risk management tasks.

This strategy, along with the platform's ability to adapt to the specific needs of various industries through specialized practice areas, distinguishes Scrut. The platform's extensive automation capabilities, which cover over 70% of controls, offer near-real-time insights into risk and compliance statuses, facilitating prompt corrective actions.

Scrut Automation growth

Scrut Automation claims to have witnessed rapid growth, increasing its team to 120 people and expanding into India, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The startup said that about 40% of its income comes from the U.S., a market it entered only a year ago.

The current funding will mainly help with research and development and speed up efforts to enter the U.S. market further, especially focusing on bringing AI-driven projects that are currently being tested to the market.

Who are the founders?

Founded by Aayush Ghosh Choudhury and Jayesh Gadewar, who, together with compliance expert Kush Kaushik, recognized the need for a more accessible and effective GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) solution during their previous work in procurement. 

The founders aim to provide mid-market companies with an AI-first GRC platform that simplifies compliance, minimizes reliance on manual processes, and supports scalable risk management practices.

Leadership comments

"A core USP for Scrut is offering an extremely high degree of flexibility in creating GRC programs that fits closely with the customer's environment. For example, a financial services company in the lending space will have very different regulations, compliance frameworks, and risks from a healthcare services company for hospitals. Scrut accounts for this context - as the platform adapts seamlessly to these differences. We have also built practice areas for regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and enterprise software, that allow the platform to embed expertise in addition to automation," Choudhury said.