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Social networking app O hi raises $1M pre-Series A funding round

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Rupal Sharma and Adeeti Singh, Cofounders, O Hi

Adeeti Singh, Cofounder, O Hi

Social networking app O hi has raised $1 million in a pre-Series A funding round led by existing investors, JIIF, with participation from several prominent angel investors.

The startup will use the raised capital to strengthen its product and integrate an AI-based profiling system to enhance user experience and content virality.

What does O hi do?

Founded in 2021 by Adeeti and Rupal, O hi uses real-life human interaction in the same physical environment by creating digital rooms in café, airports, and hotels to form a network of fame, stardom and money in the real world.


The app aims to bridge the gap between online and offline interactions, creating meaningful connections among its users.

Launching in the UK

The Welsh Government has also invited the firm to establish its platform in the UK, with a soft launch set for July 2024. It is providing support and resources to help Ohi penetrate the UK market.

The startup also aims to enhance its AI-driven ecosystem to revolutionize content virality across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, promising substantial returns on investment for global businesses and brands.

What Makes O hi Unique in the Social Networking Space?

O hi has introduced a feature called Real Life Fame tick, which the startup claims has garnered significant anticipation, with a waiting list of over 200,000 eager users. 

The feature aims to redefine social media engagement beyond traditional metrics, offering new value propositions for both users and businesses.

According to the founders, Adeeti and Rupal, "O hi is not just a social networking platform; we're reshaping real-world human connections. Our AI-driven ecosystem aims to revolutionize content virality across platforms like Instagram and YouTube, delivering substantial ROI for global businesses and brands."

The startup also claims to have doubled its user base in just 45 days, a feat previously achieved over 24 months.