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Sportstech startup Push Sports secures investment deal from Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal on Shark Tank India

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Sportstech startup Push Sports secures investment deal on shark tank india

Push Sports, a Delhi-based sports tech startup focused on transforming the grassroots sports ecosystem through innovative, technology interventions, has secured a significant deal on Shark Tank India, amounting to Rs 80 lakh at 4 % Equity.

The funding was led by Peyush Bansal (Co-founder of LensKart) and Vineeta Singh (CEO of Sugar Cosmetics). The startup founders said that it is already raising a much larger seed round and is planning to invest the funds in building up its team and funding its expansion to new cities. 

Provide structured sports education

In a world where issues like obesity, diabetes, autism, and depression among school-going kids are on the rise, Push Sports is aimed at establishing an ecosystem that provides structured sports education delivered by trained coaches across ten sports for children aged 3 to 19 years.


Their gamified assessment tools motivate students to stay physically active and develop technical and interpersonal skills, fostering holistic development. 

Push Sports is shaping up to be "India's New Playground" by revolutionising the grassroots sports ecosystem by delivering structured sports education programmes through top-notch, qualified coaches, and innovative, technology-led interventions.

The impact

With a mission to encourage active outdoor sports as the premier fitness option for children and young adults, Push Sports claims to have impacted over 6000 children across 15 locations in India, to date and serves over 3000+ pay-to-play customers every month. 

Over the next two years, The startup aims to reach 25,000+ schools/kids, with expansions planned in 6 cities.

The startup builds and manages sports arenas in key cities, offering online booking for recreational activities and professional sports training on a pay-to-play model.

It aims to bring the transformative power of sports to every doorstep by offering a full-stack sports solution that revolutionises the way sports are experienced and accessed. Apart from academic institutions, they have garnered strong interest from professionals who want to be their franchise owners. 

"Our mission goes beyond just promoting physical activity; it's about embedding a culture of sports within the educational framework to foster holistic development in students. We are dedicated to making structured sports education accessible, engaging, and in sync with the future of learning and parenting," said Puru Singh, Co-founder and CEO at Push Sports.

Parth Sharma, COO of Sports Baazi, an investor in Push Sports, said, “As a board observer representing Baazi Games for PUSH Sports, I've had the distinct privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power PUSH has brought to sports education and training in India. Push Sports is not just revolutionising the way young athletes train and learn; it's redefining the very fabric of sportsmanship, discipline, and accessibility in a country with a rich and diverse sporting heritage.” 

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