Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 Jai Hind College

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The Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Cell & Skill Hub (under RUSA) is organizing the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020, which aims at providing unique hands-on learning experiences for students, proffering expert guidance from the top-notch industrialists today and preparing a platform for budding entrepreneurs to shine their brightest.

The two-day program consisting of enrapturing sessions with Keynote Speakers & Industry Expert Mentors, interactive sessions, masterclasses, an exciting Internship Fair & Startup Expo, stimulating Business Competitions, a riveting Startup Competition and a whole mass of networking opportunities for the attendees on the 10th & 11th of January, 2020.

The summit, to be held in Jai Hind College itself, is presented by NTT – Netmagic, in association with NITI Aayog, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Digital India, Make in India, Startup India, and others.

The summit has over 30+ speakers and mentors on board, some being Anil Joshi (Founder & Managing Director at Unicorn India Ventures), Lina Ashar (Founder at Kangaroo Kids), Vikram Bhatt (Founder and Director at Enrich Salon), Sharad Sanghi, (Managing Director & CEO, NTT – Netmagic), and more!

The flagship event on the 11th of January is the Startup Competition, wherein startups from all over India compete to win a cash prize of up to Rs. 1, 50,000! The jury for the same features titans such as Mohit Shukla (M.D. and Legal Head at Barclays), Uday Wankawala (CEO at Atal Incubation Centre), Shilpa Segal (Partner at Equanimity Ventures Trust), Sonya Dutta Chaudhary (Author and Journalist), Ashwin Srivastava (Co-founder and CEO at Sapio Analytics), Shashank Randev (Founder VC at 1000.VC) and many more!

The event also features topical masterclasses, such as Moment Marketing with Amaresh Godbole, CEO at Digitas, and more, along with insightful interactive sessions, such as Friend or Foe: Food in Technology with Dheeraj Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, Jumbo King.

What is learning without some challenges to raising the stakes? The 2-day summit will harbor enthusiastic to test the creative capabilities of participants and help their latent skills flourish! To make the deal even sweeter, the prizes include both personal recognition and cash rewards! The summit also features a day-long internship fair & startup expo, wherein startups are provided with a platform, and students are given opportunities to intern at some pioneering startups.

Suffice it to say, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 has lots in store for all to uncover- beginning with once-in-a-lifetime chances to network, grow and learn; a stage for you to act on that sizzling passion and endless drive. To make a reckoning of your growth, and future. And for this very cause, at the core of it all, the summit is a paradigm of excellence and brilliance.

And, as the wise have said- the best things in life often happen unexpectedly, so perhaps, the Summit may just become something like that, for you.

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