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How GreedyGame is leveraging AI to help app developers scale revenue growth while enhancing user engagement

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Arpit Jain, Founder & CEO at GreedyGame

The mobile app industry has seen explosive growth in recent years as more and more people rely on their smartphones for everything from entertainment to communication. However, The growth came with a significant challenge for app developers and publishers, who need to find ways to monetise their content without hurting user experience. 

Traditional revenue models, such as in-app purchases or subscriptions, often fall short, especially for smaller developers who struggle to convince users to pay upfront. This is because users are often reluctant to spend money on apps that they may not use very often or that they may be able to find for free elsewhere. 

As a result, many app developers have turned to advertising as a way to generate revenue. However, this is also another challenge, as users are often annoyed by ads that interrupt their experience. 

Arpit Jain, whose journey into the adtech began as a student at IIT Ropar, recognised this growing challenge for app developers while working at PayPal as a Software Developer.


Driven by his passion for technology, he left PayPal and started GreedyGame in 2013 to democratize the programmatic space for small and medium-sized game and app developers, enhancing user experience and minimizing intrusiveness.

“As we began our journey, we soon diversified our services and product offerings to cater to a broader spectrum of app categories. It didn’t take long for us to recognise a void in monetisation strategies and a dearth of tools for app publishers,” Aprit tells IndianStartupNews.

Arpit recalls one of the primary challenges GreedyGame faced was building a good team and ensuring. 

“Addressing these challenges involved a constant process of adaptation and refinement. We have been continually fine-tuning our recruitment strategies to attract the right talent," Arpit says.

Employing AI algorithms 

According to Arpit, One significant challenge game and app developers face is optimising ad placements without compromising user experience and balancing revenue generation. 

He explains that GreedyGame addresses this issue by employing AI algorithms that analyse user behaviour and context to ensure seamless ad integration while focusing on enhancing user engagement and maximising revenue.

The startup has developed 'PubScale,' an online platform that provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for app growth, covering all aspects of app monetisation and user acquisition.

The platform allows Game and app developers to initiate user acquisition, amplify revenue generation, and receive data-backed insights to foster business growth. It also offers a variety of ad formats for developers, including non-intrusive immersive ads, dynamic banners, and interactive video ads. 

Helping app developers

“Pubscale represents a pivotal milestone, transforming us into a comprehensive solution for publishers seeking to acquire users, optimise revenue streams, and gain actionable insights to steer their business toward success,” Arpit said.

With PubScale, the startup provides multiple offerings for publishers and advertisers like AdX, which helps in app and game monetisation. The platform also offers yield optimisation with Google Ad Manager (GAM), enabling publishers to tap into high-quality demand. 

Notably, Its SDK supports the integration of two of our novel products, Immersive Ads and Offerwall Ads, which are aimed at empowering publishers to generate incremental revenue. 

On the other hand, PubScale GROW is a user acquisition solution tailored for apps across the globe. Additionally, The platform simplifies metrics and provides insights into the app's growth and revenue. 

Explaining the optimisation of technology, Arpit said that the platform works with ad networks that help reach target audiences efficiently. 

"These networks act as intermediaries, effectively selling ad space on apps to advertisers. We carefully select networks and exchanges that align with the app's objectives," he said.

In addition to monetisation, the startup's mobile platform supports multiple pricing models and tracking capabilities while providing positive returns on ad spending (ROAS) that developers run on its mobile DSP.

The startup claims to be a Google Channel Partner and leverages Google Ad Manager to provide high-quality demand sources such as InMobi, PubMatic, Affle, SmartyAds, and more.

“We also harness the Unity game engine for our Immersive ads and streamline monetisation processes for our game developers and aspire to establish PubScale as the ultimate go-to platform for every app and game developer,” Arpit said.

GreedyGame claims to have a global network of over 1,500 publishers and more than 500 advertisers, counting clients such as Amanotes, Reliance Games, and Gameloft.

Market position and expansion plans

Being a Google Channel Partner, the startup said it has monetised over 5000 apps and games globally, achieved an average fill rate of 95%, and has over 1000 active publisher partnerships across 20+ countries.

While the startup primarily focuses on the Indian market, Arpit notes that GreedyGame is witnessing a noticeable response from game publishers in Vietnam, China (and other Southeast Asian countries), and Latin America.

Currently, It has offices in Bengaluru, Delhi, and the US and plans to expand into the new markets. 

Focusing on sustainable growth

Arpit explains that, unlike many VC-funded startups, GreedyGame prioritises sustainable revenue models over aggressive spending to drive growth. As a bootstrapped startup, The startup emphasises effective resource management, prioritising essential expenses, and reinvesting profits for organic growth.

“Our vision encompasses a world where app and game developers can devote their full attention to crafting outstanding games or content while PubScale seamlessly manages their business requirements. We aspire to establish PubScale as the ultimate go-to platform for every app and game developer,” Arpit added.

According to AlliedMarketResearch report, The global mobile application market was valued at $208.5 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach $777.4 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 14.4% from 2023 to 2032.

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