India’s Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs


Indian women are waving their success in every field of life and giving their important contribution to the development of every field of life. But, when it comes to the corporate world of India, here too, Indian women have made a special identity with their ability and hard work.

Let us discuss 5 such successful Indian women entrepreneurs in this article who have given a new direction to the corporate world and future entrepreneurs can get a lot of inspiration from these successful women.

Indu Jain

A 75-year-old billionaire, Indu Jain was born in the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. Indu Jain is the current chairman of Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd, India’s largest media group. The owner of Indu Jain Times of India and other big newspapers belongs to Sahu Jain family.

Indu is also associated with works of Jainism and writes religious columns. She has always been very active in women’s rights. Indu Jain has made a special identity in the business world.

Indu Jain was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in January 2016.

Anjali Noronha

While doing MA in 1982 from Delhi School of Economics, Anjali Noronha joined the group ‘Eklavya’ to improve schooling. Anjali, one of the founding members of the institution, played an important role in the preparation of school curriculum and course material.

In his journey of 33 years, she has worked on sensitizing primary education, library, and teacher education to marginalized children. Anjali successfully attempted to translate civics into the education of modern citizenship in the social science curriculum. His efforts were also included in state courses and NCERT.

He is involved in the policymaking committee in many states and at the center. These days she is engaged in preparing multilingual programs to teach children in local languages.

Gauri Singh

Seeing the huge market of domestic workers, Gauri Singh formed ‘The Meds Company’. With a degree at the London School of Economics and work experience with volunteer women’s organization ‘Seva’, Gauri offered domestic workers work as a service. They have also underlined the rights, dignity, and safety of the workers.

Today her company serves more than 1,500 customers and has trained over 3,000 workers. In 2015, she founded the tech-based digital firm ‘Nayafai’ which is overseeing the domestic labor market.

Gauri was included in the list of 40 under 40 young entrepreneurs by Fortune India in 2014.

Ramina Horokcham

In a country where people do not even talk about sexuality openly, Ramina Horokcham also does the business of intimate apparel and sexual products online. Their website is ‘Goji’. After working for three years in Shanghai after pursuing an MBA, Ramina decided to enter the business.

Along with business, Ramina also aims to change the general perception of people about personal products. she believes that the level of awareness about intimacy and sexuality in society will also increase due to her website and the products on it.

Ramina has been awarded the SHESIO Award for Startups by NESCOM. The online portal ‘North East Whis’ has selected him among 12 future traders.

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor is credited with changing the world of television in India. She is the Creative Head of ‘Balaji Telefilms’. When it was founded in 1994, the age of unity was just 19 years. In 2001, Ekta Kapoor expanded Balaji’s work and started film production. Ekta Kapoor has produced many successful films.

In addition to winning several television awards, he has received many accolades as a young talent. These include The Economic Times’s Business Woman of the Year, 2002 and Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2001, and the American Biographical Institute’s Woman of the Year, 2001.

Hope the inspiring context of these women will inspire you to work hard to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. Remember that the road to success is not easy but if you take the first step


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