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100X.VC invests $2.7M in 17 startups in its 11th cohort

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

Mumbai-based venture capital firm 100X.VC has announced an investment of $2.7 million in 17 startups as part of its 11th cohort.

This fund is sponsored by Mehta Ventures, the Family Office Investment arm of Sanjay Mehta. The firm utilizes iSAFE notes for these investments, continuing its strategy to support early-stage startups across various sectors.

How many investments has 100X.VC made so far?

With the completion of Class 11, 100X.VC has now made a total of 161 investments since the fund's launch in July 2019. The venture capital firm operates on a class-based investment model, investing in startups even before the formal commencement of each class.


Which startups were selected and from where?

For the 11th cohort, 100X.VC meticulously selected 17 companies out of 307 shortlisted from a pool of over 1,500 startups. These portfolio startups hail from eight Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Gurugram.

The 17 chosen startups are Anyway.ai, Baylink, Deepvue.tech, EasyReplenish, FUTR Studios, GoCodeo, Hummsa Biotech, Kroto, Openleaf, Origgo, Orbit Wallet, Pet Chef, Pettle, The Naturik Co, Whitetable, Zircle, and Zafo Technologies.

Leadership comments

"We are excited to unveil our newest cohort, Class 11, which comprises 17 groundbreaking startups. With these additions, our portfolio now has investments in 161 early-stage startups," said Ninad Karpe, Founder & Partner of 100X.VC.

"In this cohort, our startups span diverse sectors such as B2B SaaS, API, Healthtech, ClimateTech, Food & Beverage, and Pet Tech. We are confident that India's early-stage startup ecosystem is brimming with transformative potential, and the startups in Class 11 exemplify these promising opportunities."

What happened during the VC pitch day?

The new portfolio companies were announced at the VC Pitch Day held in Mumbai on June 1, 2024. This event saw the participation of over 400 investors, including High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), Family Offices, Venture Capital Funds, and Corporations.

100X.VC has collaborated with each founding team, providing mentorship to enhance their product development and go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Founded in 2019 by Sanjay Mehta, Ninad Karpe, Shashank Randev, Yagnesh Sanghrajka, and Vatsal Kanakiya, 100X.VC is a sector-agnostic fund dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups. The firm is notable for being the first to invest in early-stage startups using India SAFE Notes.