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ah! Ventures invests in IISC incubated startup Delta X Automotive

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ah! Ventures has invested in Delta X Automotive, a startup incubated at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC). marking a significant step in advancing electric mobility, particularly in urban areas.

Collaborating for the development of KIX+

The primary focus of the collaboration between ah! Ventures and Delta X Automotive is the development of the KIX+, an innovative micro-mobility electric scooter. The KIX+ is designed for short commutes, targeting young users and families, offering a convenient and eco-friendly travel solution.

Features of KIX+


What distinguishes KIX+ from other electric scooters is its removable battery. This feature allows users to charge the battery in standard power sockets easily. The scooter boasts a fast charging capability, fully charging in under an hour, and offers a commendable range of 50 km, making it highly suitable for city use.

The startup aims to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in urban environments.

With the backing of ah! Ventures, Delta X Automotive will focus on expanding its reach and impact in the electric mobility market. The investment will enable the startup to enhance its infrastructure, accelerate research and development, and introduce its innovative products to a broader audience, potentially revolutionizing urban mobility

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