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AI startup Louisa AI raises Rs 34Cr in a seed funding round

Jaya Vishwakarma
New Update
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Louisa AI, an AI-powered platform designed to foster collaborative intelligence within and between companies, has raised Rs 34 crore ($5 million) in seed funding.

Originally conceptualized at Goldman Sachs, Louisa AI now operates independently with the ambition of transforming the networking ecosystem in businesses. The platform aims to systematize 'serendipity' in professional settings, making fortunate encounters a repeatable process.

Who are the investors?

The seed funding round saw participation from a variety of investors, including Oxford University’s investment arms, early-stage venture capitalists such as Palm Drive VC, Evolution VC, Nucleus VC, Gaingels, and ex-Goldman Sachs partners. US-based venture capitalist Sandiip Bhammer also participated.


Leveraging network effects

Louisa AI leverages network effects to transform deal-making and sales enablement across various industries, including asset management, banking, financial infrastructure, private markets, and technology.

Rohan Doctor, founder of Louisa AI, said, “With this funding, Louisa AI is set to expand its capabilities and reach, demonstrating the power of AI in creating serendipitous business opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our goal is to make the ‘lucky’ encounters that drive business success a systematised, repeatable process. By doing so, we are not just enabling deals, we are also redefining the landscape of sales enablement and collaborative intelligence.”

Expanding reach and refining technology

With over 50,000 users, including firms like Goldman Sachs and Insight Partners, Louisa AI is set to use the funds to improve its technology design and refine its products. The platform offers a consolidated platform for accessing a company’s collective intelligence, connecting relevant subject matter experts at the right moment, and encouraging cross-selling and cooperation.

Louisa AI's inception and evolution reflect a clear vision to eliminate conflicts of interest and provide unbiased, effective connections for gathering collaborative intelligence. By auto-creating a comprehensive map of who knows what within a company, Louisa AI stands as a testament to the potential of AI in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales mechanisms and collaborative efforts across industries.