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Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai reveals he uses 20 different phones at a time, says 'I am doing way too many things'

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Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai reveals he uses 20 different phones at a time

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has an unusual tech habit: he uses 20 different phones simultaneously. This revelation came from a 2021 interview with the BBC, where Pichai explained that his unique usage pattern is part of his job responsibilities.

Testing Google's products across various devices ensures that they perform seamlessly for every user, regardless of the phone they own. Pichai's role requires him to be in constant interaction with the latest technology, making him a perpetual beta tester for Google's innovations.

In the realm of digital security, Pichai champions two-factor authentication over frequent password changes. He argues that this method offers enhanced security without the hassle of remembering new passwords regularly. 


This advice extends to his views on technology usage among younger generations. Pichai emphasizes the need for technical literacy and responsible digital consumption, advocating for self-imposed boundaries to mitigate technology's impact on young minds.

Pichai's day begins with a dive into the latest tech developments via Techmeme, a website aggregating global tech news. This practice keeps him informed about the industry's pulse, a habit shared by other tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella. 

The Google CEO also touched upon the broader implications of Internet freedom and the ongoing debates around free speech across different countries. Pichai highlighted the challenges to maintaining a free and open internet, especially against the backdrop of countries imposing stricter information controls. 

Despite these challenges, he remains a staunch advocate for internet freedom, recognizing its role as a "tremendous force for good." 

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