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Amazon India creates more than 100,000 seasonal job opportunities ahead of its Great Indian Festival

ISN Team
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Ahead of its Great Indian Festival sale, Ecommerce giant Amazon India said it has created over 100,000 seasonal jobs across various cities including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, among others.

The company said has already brought most of these new hires into its existing network to efficiently manage tasks such as picking, packing, and delivering customer orders during the sale, which begins on October 8, with early access for Prime customers starting October 7.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Amazon's commitment to delivering exceptional service to customers. The work environment and facilities, with a particular focus on everyone’s health and safety, are truly commendable,” said Selim S K, a recent seasonal hire at Amazon India.

In addition to roles in operations, the new hires also include customer service associates, including those who are part of the virtual customer service model, which is designed to enhance customer experience. 


Amazon strengthens its delivery network

Amazon India has fortified its fulfilment and delivery network and established pivotal partnerships to ensure smooth operations. The company boasts fulfilment centres across 15 states, providing 43 million cubic feet of storage space for seller inventory, thereby benefiting over 1.4 million sellers in India.

Furthermore, it operates sortation centres in 19 states and has a network of nearly 2,000 Amazon-operated and partner delivery stations, 28,000 'I Have Space' partners, and thousands of Amazon Flex partners, all set to deliver to customers nationwide.

Amazon's partnership with India Post and Indian Railways

Amazon India has recently forged partnerships with India Post and the Indian Railways' Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFC) to enhance its logistics and delivery processes.

The collaboration with India Post aims to simplify cross-border logistics for numerous micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by providing an integrated logistics solution, leveraging India Post's widespread network and Amazon's technological capabilities.

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