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Amazon India launches Creator University & Creator Connect in India

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Ecommerce giant Amazon India has announced the launch of two new programs: Creator University and Creator Connect.

These initiatives aim to empower content creators, offering tools and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic creator economy.

Creator University is an educational program, while Creator Connect is a series of in-person events designed to foster connections and learning within the Amazon ecosystem.

What does Creator University offer?


Creator University provides a comprehensive curriculum catering to both established and aspiring influencers.

The program offers a variety of resources, including in-depth video tutorials, informative articles, and interactive workshops.

Topics covered range from building a robust audience to optimizing content for the Amazon platform. Participants will also gain insights from industry leaders and established creators through case studies and testimonials. 

Kishore Thota, Director of Shopping Experience in India and Emerging Markets at Amazon, said, "At Amazon, we recognize the immense influence content creators have on today’s consumers. Creator University and Creator Connect are our way of empowering these creators, both established and aspiring, with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive within the Amazon ecosystem."

What is Creator Connect?

Creator Connect is a series of events designed to bring creators together, providing opportunities for learning and growth.

These events are strategically timed around major sales and Amazon initiatives, aiming to generate excitement and attract new creators to the Amazon Influencer Program. The events will feature workshops led by influencers, product showcases, trend discussions, and opportunities to meet with Amazon leaders and established creators.

Amazon's other initiatives for Content Creators?

In recent years, Amazon has introduced several programs to support content creators.

In 2022, Amazon launched Amazon Live, a live shopping program where customers can interact directly with content creators who showcase products, answer questions in real time, and offer limited-time deals. 

Additionally, the Amazon Influencer Program provides influencers with tools to recommend Amazon products and earn commissions on qualifying purchases.