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Banjara Kasuti partners with ecommerce giant Amazon to empower Lambani Women

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update
Banjara Kasuti partners with ecommerce giant Amazon

Non-profit organization Banjara Kasuti, known for its dedication to traditional Lambani art, has partnered with Amazon’s Karigar program.

The collaboration aims to support Lambani women by enabling them to sell their handcrafted products online, reaching a global audience.

The partnership is expected to provide significant employment opportunities for the Lambani community, enhancing their living standards and preserving their cultural heritage.

How will this partnership benefit Lambani women?


The partnership will offer Lambani women the chance to achieve financial independence, social security, and dignity.

Asha Patil, Founder of Banjara Kasuti, emphasized the impact of this collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with Amazon India will provide dignity, social security, and financial independence to Lambani women while preserving the Lambani art form. This partnership will allow them to showcase their craftsmanship to a wider audience, enhancing their living standards.”

Aiming to preserve the traditional Lambani art

Founded in 2017 and based in Vijayapura, Karnataka, Banjara Kasuti aims to preserve the traditional Lambani art and economically empower Lambani women.

The organization focuses on promoting self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship within the community. Specializing in handcrafted traditional embroideries, Banjara Kasuti showcases the beauty and intricacies of Lambani artistry.

What is Amazon’s Karigar initiative?

The Amazon Karigar initiative provides a marketplace for India’s local artisans. It empowers artisans and sellers to gain financial independence, instills a sense of entrepreneurship, and exhibits the country’s rich handicrafts heritage.

Gaurav Bhatnagar, Director - Sales at Amazon India, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, saying, “This collaboration is a significant step towards empowering Lambani women by bringing their exquisite, handcrafted products to a global audience. Together, we strive to create meaningful employment opportunities and celebrate the craftsmanship of the Lambani community in North Karnataka.”

The collaboration between Banjara Kasuti and Amazon India aims to provide economic opportunities, preserve cultural heritage, and support community development for Banjara artisans. Through this initiative, the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Lambani community in North Karnataka will gain global recognition, fostering financial independence and entrepreneurial spirit among local artisans.