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Beauty brand Indus Valley to invest Rs 40 crore in research and marketing activities

ISN Team
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Indus Valley, known for its organic and natural beauty products, will invest Rs 40 crore into marketing and research.

The company intends to use this investment to elevate the brand's recognition and increase the visibility of its flagship product, 'Organic Gel Hair Colour', through extensive national advertising campaigns.

Bolstering research and development 

The investment is aimed at bolstering R&D focused on personal care and beauty products, which will cater specifically to the Indian market's needs. Indus Valley plans to enhance product offerings by utilizing scientific insights to meet the unique demands of Indian consumers.


Expanding in the South Indian markets

Part of the investment will target expansion into the South Indian markets. The company also plans to collaborate with local influencers, utilize vernacular advertising, and introduce region-specific product packaging, aiming to gain a stronger foothold in these new demographics.

Indus Valley operates production units in Himachal Pradesh and Faridabad and manages an extensive range of products with over 280 stock-keeping units (SKUs) across various categories.

The company is set to expand its R&D facilities to fast-track the development of new and improved organic skincare and hair care solutions.

Leadership comments

Shyam S. Arya, the founder and CEO of Indus Valley, said, “We have an aggressive roadmap designed for the Indian markets, with particular emphasis on our flagship products, which have achieved immense success globally. We are deeply committed to producing skin and hair care products specifically suited for Indian conditions, enhancing the experience of our Indian clients.”

The company envisions creating products that address local concerns while promoting the benefits of adopting organic beauty routines.

It claims to have a global presence in over 25 countries and a robust performance on major ecommerce platforms, Indus Valley is strategically positioning itself to lead in organic personal care innovation.