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Bengaluru-based CynLr unveils semi-humanoid 'CyRo'; Know the details

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Bengaluru-based deeptech robotics startup CynLr has unveiled its new semi-humanoid, 'CyRo.' CynLr specializes in visual object intelligence robotics and cybernetics.

The startup showcased 'CyRo' at the Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston, where it was positioned as an all-purpose, reusable visual robot platform.

What are the capabilities of CyRo?

CyRo is a multi-arm, vision-guided robotic manipulator that stands out for its ability to intuitively grasp objects even under variable lighting conditions.


The robot utilizes a human-eye-inspired vision and intelligence hardware and software stack, allowing it to identify and manipulate objects without prior training. The adaptability makes the robot suitable for various tasks without needing hardware customization.

CynLr’s founders highlight innovative approach behind CyRo

CynLr’s founders, Gokul NA and Nikhil Ramaswamy, highlighted the innovative approach behind CyRo. Gokul emphasized, "Today, there is a very big bottleneck or a chasm to cross for the technology, where you’re stuck with having to engineer the environment, so that without the awareness of what has been presented, the machine can go, and robotic arms are not robots anymore. They don’t justify the word robot. That’s how they lack perception in a large way. So we build that whole intelligence and perception stack so that you don’t have to do that custom engineering and customisation of the environment, or extensive training that you have to go through to be able to go pick them."

Speaking about the broader advancements in robotics, Gokul observed, "In most cases where you want to practically and commercially deploy these robots, you don’t need legs, wheels are more than enough, but you need more capability with the hands. Today they are more pragmatic, they realise that there is so much more manipulation that is missing, but what they are not focusing on is perception. It is missing. There’s very little investment that is going into perception."

Nikhil highlighted the company's international presence, stating, "We recently opened a hardware design facility in Switzerland where we are developing these visual robots using the skilled talent & advanced research facilities available there. The technology has been designed in India in our state-of-the-art R&D centre (H.I.V.E) in Bengaluru. We envision that CyRo has the potential to change the future of industrial automation, ushering in an era of ‘Universal Factories’ – product-agnostic factories."

Practical applications

CyRo's multi-purpose applicability is evident in industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, lab automation, and industrial kitchens. The robot can handle tasks like piece-picking, sorting, packing, and general assembly.

Unlike traditional robots, which require extensive training and customization, CyRo's adaptability and perception capabilities allow it to handle a range of tasks seamlessly.

Future prospects

CynLr is piloting its visual robots with major companies like General Motors and Denso. The founders believe CyRo has the potential to transform industrial automation, aligning with their vision of creating product-agnostic factories.

CynLr's vision stack includes over 400 technologies supplied by more than 250 partners from 30 countries, underscoring the company's global reach and innovative potential.