COVID-19: Bengaluru Based Startup Vevra Launches AI-Driven Movable Hospitals

  • On Thursday Bengaluru based startup Vevra launches AI-driven movable hospitals for COVID-19 patients.
  • The initiative was taken to stop the spread of coronavirus in the state.
  • It is designed in the form of pods to prevent cross-contamination of coronavirus at hospitals.

Bengaluru based startup Vevra launches AI-driven movable hospitals named as Vevra Pods to treat COVID-19 patients more effectively in the state.

Vevra is a Bengaluru based architectural, engineering, and construction group. The startup has partnered with the Portugal-based IoT (Internet of things) firm Innowave group to treat COVID-19 patients effectively in the state.

The initiative was taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus and prevent cross-contamination at hospitals.

Furthermore, This project is named as Vevra Pods launched by Vevra and Innowave group. According to the reports, These pods will come in five variants General pod, ICU pod, doctors stay pod, operation theatre pod, and scanning room pod. Each pod can accommodate four to five beds,” a Vevra representative said.

Moreover, According to the company statement,  “The pods’ project was primarily born as an answer for major medical crises of any form, where the lack of appropriate facilities/infrastructure to receive highly infected patients takes a toll in most hospitals across the nation.”

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The quantity of people who got infected by the coronavirus is increasing day by day and the startup took the step to decrease the rate by launching its new project Vevra Pods.

Here is the list of some noticeable features of Vevra Pods:

  1. An antechamber airlock room that gives a prevented space for healthcare specialists and to collect medical equipment.
  2. PLC-interspersed air conditioning arrangement that aids in controlling temperature, humidity, etc.
  3. Fire resistance structure, anti-bacterial barricade, and chemical protection flooring.
  4. Arrangement for oxygen supply, analyzer according to rules and guidelines.
  5. Sensor-integrated system to regulate oxygen supply pressure.
  6. In-built device for measuring the oxygen concentration, provided by ventilators or breathing systems.
  7. Implanted RO water purifier, geyser in the shower area, water storage tank,
  8. Fire alarm system, extinguisher, and emergency system with a secure evacuation strategy.
  9. CCTV surveillance system, and television rendered to every patient. 
  10. Advanced nurse calling arrangement with code blue system.
  11. These Pods enable natural light to enter in it and assumed to uplift the mood of the patients, for rapid recovery and mutual well-being.

Moreover, The company also quoted that the pods are reusable after the end of COVID-19 pandemic, with 15-20 years warranty.  

“While the entry and exit are RFID (radio frequency identification)-controlled, the pods also monitor environmental conditions, air quality, medical equipment, oxygen supply, and HVAC conditions,” a statement by the company.

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