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Bengaluru man attends Zoom call on laptop while riding scooty; Police wants to know his location

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Man attends Zoom call on laptop while riding scooty on busy road

In a scene that screams "Only in Bengaluru," a man was caught on camera attending a Zoom meeting while expertly navigating a scooty through the city's notorious traffic. It's a snapshot of life in Bengaluru, where the hustle never stops, and the traffic never moves fast enough.  

The video, which quickly went viral with over 160,000 views and over 2,000 likes, showcases the extreme lengths to which Bengaluru's hustle culture and traffic jams push its residents. The man, with his laptop open on his lap, has sparked a mix of reactions from netizens.

Watch the original video below:


"Before critics arrive here, this is just a lighthearted observation of someone attending a Teams call from the roads of Bengaluru. We don't endorse unsafe or illegal driving," Peak Bengaluru wrote in reply to its original X post.  

Netizens can't decide if they're amused, impressed, or downright concerned for his safety. Notably, several netizens tagged the Bengaluru Police and traffic authorities, urging them to take action on this incident.

"Please mention the exact location details," the Bengaluru Traffic Police replied.

Netizens reaction

As the video gained a significant number of views, Netizens started sharing their reactions, ranging from jokes about the man possibly trying to meet an IT company's gruelling work hours to speculation that he might be on a call with his wife checking in on him.

The humour was not lost on anyone, with one user quipping about the lengths people go to just to say, "No updates from my side."

"I feel it's his wife on video call to check whether her husband comes home straight after work...isn't she the bigger boss anyway?" a user wrote.

"Bro must be working for an IT company as he might be short of clocking 70 hours per week," another wrote.

"Proof of the kind of slavery that is prevalent in the corporate sector of the third world :(" Another added.