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BizDateUp to host Bizzneeti, an event to spotlight innovative startups in The Lalit Mumbai; Here's how to register

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Mumbai-based Bizdateup, a platform that to invest in Indian startups, has announced the launch of "Bizzneeti," an event designed to spotlight innovative startups. 

The event is scheduled to take place at The Lalit Mumbai on February 11th and is organized by a group called Colloquium. Bizzneeti aims to provide a platform for startups to present their groundbreaking ideas to a diverse audience of industry experts, including entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture firms, and more.

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The benefits:

  1. Startup Showcases: The event will enable various startups to get a chance to present their ideas and the stories behind them. This presents a great opportunity for attendees to see up close how these startups are working to bring new and creative solutions to the market. 

  2. Insights from Seasoned Entrepreneurs: Besides watching presentations, attendees will also hear from entrepreneurs who have been in the business for a long time. These seasoned professionals will share their personal experiences, including the challenges they've faced and how they overcame them.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Bizzneeti will also provide a chance to meet and connect with other people in the industry.

Biren Parekh (Director - CRISIL Limited), Kapil Pathare (Director - VIP Clothing Ltd.), Jeet Chandan (Founder & MD of BizDateUp), Arjun Deshpande (Founder & CEO of Generic Aadhaar), and Arjun Vaidya (Co-founder of V3 Ventures) will be attending the event as speakers. 

How to Join?

If you're interested in the world of startups and entrepreneurship, Bizzneeti is the place to be. To secure your spot at this event, you can register through the discounted link provided: https://rzp.io/l/ISN250.

For more information about the event, you can visit the Bizzneeti website at https://www.bizzneeti.in.