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BNZ Green specializing in blockchain-based climate solutions raises $100K

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update
BNZ Green

BNZ Green, a Mumbai-based startup specializing in blockchain-based climate solutions, has raised $100,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by Climate Detox with participation from angel investors.

Ashish Jain and Neha Jain co-founded the company, bringing together Ashish's extensive experience in investment banking and financial services with Neha's operational expertise. They both aim to drive environmental preservation and sustainability.

The startup has developed a flagship product, BNZ X, which is designed to revolutionize the carbon credit market by leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced transparency and efficiency.

The vision of BNZ Green


BNZ Green's mission focuses on creating a sustainable future by encouraging individuals, projects, and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. The startup provides innovative tools for tracking carbon footprints, serving both individuals and companies. This effort supports their wider goal of helping the world move towards a net-zero carbon economy, highlighting the need for practical strategies to fight climate change.

What is the purpose of fundraising?

BNZ Green plans to use the raised capital for platform development and marketing initiatives. Additionally, The startup will also allocate funds for enhancing its BNZ X platform capabilities, focusing on user experience, functionality, and scalability. 

It aims to refine both the user interface and backend infrastructure, ensuring BNZ Green remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the climate sector.

Climate Detox highlights critical role of carbon credits

Gaurav VK Singhvi from Climate Detox highlighted the critical role of carbon credits in combating deforestation and achieving the ambitious targets set by the Paris Agreement. By expanding the carbon market, BNZ Green aspires to contribute significantly to conservation initiatives, reforestation projects, and ecosystem restoration efforts, particularly in developing regions. This strategic approach is expected to enhance liquidity and transparency in the voluntary carbon market, directing capital towards crucial environmental projects.

Focusing on enhancing brand visibility 

BNZ Green has established pivotal strategic collaborations with industry veterans and boasts a strong team supported by an advisory board. The startup plans to enhance its brand visibility and engage with its target audience through digital campaigns, strategic partnerships, and a multifaceted approach across various channels.

By doing so, BNZ Green aims to inspire and unite businesses and individuals in their journey towards achieving net-zero status, reinforcing its commitment to combating climate change and fostering environmental stewardship.