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boAt suffers massive data breach; Over 75 lakh users' personal data leaked on the dark web

Sumit Vishwakarma
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boAt suffers massive data breach

Aman Gupta-led boAt has reportedly suffered a major data breach. According to a Forbes report, Over 75 lakh customers' private information has been compromised, with details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and customer IDs leaked.

The report said the breach was first disclosed by a hacker known as ShopifyGUY on April 5, 2024, making the information available on a dark web forum.

Notably, The report has raised alarms among customers about the potential risks, including financial fraud and identity theft.


The impact and risks

The exposed data puts millions at risk of various cybercrimes. According to experts, the compromised information could lead to financial fraud, phishing attempts, and identity theft, as cybercriminals might use the personal details to impersonate legitimate entities.

In the wake of the breach, technology experts and industry insiders have emphasized the need for heightened cybersecurity measures and consumer vigilance.

They suggested that affected customers immediately change passwords and monitor for suspicious activities. 

What did boAt say?

boAt has acknowledged the potential data breach and said it is currently conducting a thorough investigation. The company said that protecting customer data is a top priority and is taking the claims seriously.

The breach is part of a larger trend of cyberattacks targeting major corporations and government entities, underscoring the pervasive challenge of securing digital information.

“boAt is aware of recent claims regarding a potential data leak involving customer information. We take these claims seriously and have immediately launched a comprehensive investigation. At boAt, safeguarding customer data is our top priority,” said a company spokesperson.