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'BTech Pani Puri Wali' uses Thar SUV to tow cart, Mahindra says, 'I love...'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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mahindra reacts on btech paani purii

In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, Tapsi Upadhyay, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Delhi, has caught the attention of Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra.

Known as 'BTech Pani Puri Wali', Upadhyay has been making waves on social media for towing her pani puri cart with a Mahindra Thar SUV.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, shared a video of Upadhyay's unique venture on X, a social media platform.

In his post, Mahindra expressed his admiration for off-road vehicles, stating, “What are off-road vehicles meant to do? Help people go places they haven’t been able to before..Help people explore the impossible..And in particular we want OUR cars to help people Rise & live their dreams..Now you know why I love this video….”


A quick look into Upadhyay's journey

Upadhyay's journey began with a small pani puri stall in Tilak Nagar, Delhi. She first gained social media fame last year when a video of her riding a Royal Enfield, towing her pani puri stall, went viral.

Since then, she has significantly expanded her business, claiming to operate over 40 stalls across India. The video shared on X by Mahindra shows her progression from a scooty to a bike and now to a Mahindra Thar, reflecting the growth and success of her street food venture.

Netizens reactions

The video quickly resonated with viewers, garnering over 6 lakh views and sparking positive reactions online. 

Tapsi Upadhyay's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and the ability to dream big. Her innovative approach to street vending not only showcases her entrepreneurial spirit but also highlights the versatility and utility of vehicles like the Mahindra Thar in supporting small businesses and helping individuals achieve their dreams.