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Byju's India CEO Arjun Mohan resigns, Know the reason

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Byju's India CEO Arjun Mohan resigns

Arjun Mohan has stepped down as the CEO of Byju’s India just over six months after his appointment. The exit marks a significant departure at a critical time for the startup, which is grappling with financial challenges.

Mohan will step down to pursue other opportunities, while founder Byju Raveendran will reassume control of day-to-day operations, a position he last held nearly four years ago.

"The changes follow an extensive seven-month operational review and cost optimisation exercise led by outgoing BYJU'S India CEO Arjun Mohan. This new phase will also see Byju Raveendran taking a more hands-on approach in spearheading the daily operations of the company," the company said.

Strategic shifts and operational changes


Following Mohan's departure, Byju’s will undergo a major reorganization. Raveendran will lead this transition, focusing on three core divisions within the company: The Learning App, Online Classes and Tuition Centres, and Test-prep.

"With this new organisational structure and with the return of Byju Raveendran as the operational leader, BYJU'S is now well-positioned to begin its next chapter of innovation-led growth by launching at scale its new suite of AI-first products that have already received an overwhelmingly positive feedback in the pilot phase," it said.

Ongoing financial struggles

Byju's has faced significant financial strain, evidenced by layoffs and delayed salary payments. The company recently secured funds to manage ongoing expenses but has been restricted in using a $200 million rights issue due to legal challenges.

The financial turmoil follows investor dissatisfaction, which led to a call for Raveendran’s ousting earlier this year—a decision currently stayed by the Karnataka High Court.

Raveendran's vision for Byju's future

Raveendran has outlined his vision for the company’s future, dubbed Byju’s 3.0, which involves streamlining operations and introducing AI-first products.

He praised Mohan for his role during a turbulent period and noted that Byju is preparing for a new phase of growth focused on hyper-personalized education. Although Mohan is resigning from his CEO role, he will continue to advise the company.

“Arjun has done an outstanding job steering Byju’s through a challenging period,” Raveendran said, adding, “We are grateful for his leadership and look forward to his continued contributions as a strategic advisor.”