Byjus Partners with Google to offer free learning to students

Online Education has boomed amidst the Corona pandemic and the education system is turning itself to all digital. On this contrary, Education firm Byju’s and Google has put hands together to offer a learning solution for schools in the country.

According to a statement, the simplicity, flexibility, and security of Google Workspace for Education and Byjus’s content pedagogy combine on the ‘Vidyartha’ platform to support effective learning at school. Also, organization, available for free to participating educational institutions, the statement added.

“With a commitment to digital education, Google Workspace for Education will combine Byju’s unparalleled pedagogy to empower educators in their journey towards digital transformation.”

Byjus-Google Partnership, built on the Vidyartha platform will give access to students on
Byju’s science and maths pedagogy and visually-rich learning solutions. The section will
include data banks, ready-made assignments, chapter-wise slides along with notes summary and test series.

The pandemic las led to the digitization of the education system, The Byju’s Chief Operating Officer Mrinal Mohit said. “Teachers and students had to adapt to online learning overnight and are now rapidly discovering its potential. Through our partnership with Google, we are aiming to aid this digital revolution and equip our educators with the necessary technological and learning assets to ensure continuity of education.”

Google-Byjus platform also includes the feature of Google Classroom, where students can access slides, forms, and teachers would get access to Google Meet.

Bani Dhawan, Head of Education-South Asia at Google, said: “With the rapid move to online learning and teaching, educators today are increasingly looking for more meaningful ways to bring their lessons to life, and we hope this offering makes online classes that much more engaging and fulfilling.”

Every school that signs up on this platform will receive its official mail IDs for faculty,
teachers and students. The feature will help to organize, access, and track classroom learning.

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