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CASHe launches 'CASHe Green' for electric two-wheeler financing in India

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CASHe CEO Yashoraj Tyagi

CASHe Founder & Chairman V. Raman Kumar

Mumbai-based financial wellness platform CASHe has recently unveiled 'CASHe Green' to bolster the adoption of electric two-wheelers (e2Ws) through customized financial solutions. 

The strategic move is set against a backdrop of a burgeoning e2W market which accounted for 62% of total electric vehicle (EV) sales in 2023.

Offering financing solutions

Under the CASHe Green program, potential e2W buyers will get low interest rates of less than 1% per month, with repayment periods extending over 20 months. 


The financing cap is set at Rs 2 lakh, which covers the cost of new e2Ws and accommodates ownership expenses like battery replacements and system upgrades. CASHe has also teamed up with three leading two-wheeler OEMs to integrate a fully digital financing experience.

Environmental impact and market growth

Yashoraj Tyagi, CEO of CASHe, highlighted the environmental goals of the initiative, stating, “CASHe Green is not just a financial solution but a platform to foster sustainable transportation. By aligning our services with the financial and environmental aspirations of our consumers, we aim to facilitate a larger shift towards eco-friendly mobility.”

The e2W market has witnessed significant growth, with a 33.5% increase from the previous year, reaching a record high of 866,853 units sold in 2023.

The Exchange program and lifecycle support

CASHe Green offers an exchange option that allows consumers to swap their existing internal combustion engine (ICE) two-wheelers for new e2Ws. The facility is part of a broader effort to enhance the accessibility and affordability of electric mobility.

Moreover, the financing scheme offers flexibility in managing ongoing costs associated with e2W ownership, such as battery and system upgrades.