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Centre rolls out portal for CCPA to curb violation of advertising norms

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 Centre Rolls Out Portal For CCPA To Curb Violation Of Advertising Norms

The government has unveiled a new portal for the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) aimed at addressing the ongoing issue of advertising guideline violations.

According to a Mint report, The initiative is designed to "name and shame" those who fail to adhere to established norms. The portal is part of a broader effort to enhance consumer protection and ensure compliance with advertising standards.

Introduction of e-court facility

Alongside the portal, the CCPA has launched an e-court facility for the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions (SCDRC) in several states, including Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Delhi.


The digital court system is intended to streamline the complaint process, making it easier for consumers to file complaints and track their progress online. The move is expected to lead to a quicker and more efficient resolution of disputes.

Features of the new website

The newly launched website offers a range of features designed to support consumers. It allows for the easy filing of complaints, providing options to select the nature of the case, describe the complaint, and upload relevant documents or videos. Additionally, the site offers access to CCPA advisories, guidelines, and orders, further empowering consumers to protect their rights.

Impact on consumer awareness

The creation of this dedicated portal is anticipated to significantly benefit consumers by increasing awareness of their rights and the mechanisms available for redressal.

Manish K Shubhay, a partner at The Precept-Law Offices, highlighted the potential for the portal to bring smaller violations to light, which were previously overlooked by the public. This increased visibility is expected to contribute to a reduction in misleading advertisements and other unfair practices.

Strengthening consumer protection

The launch of the CCPA portal comes as part of India's ongoing efforts to strengthen its consumer protection framework. The Consumer Protection Act of 2019, which established the CCPA, replaced the outdated Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

The modern legislation is designed to address the challenges posed by globalization, technology, and e-commerce, ensuring that consumer rights are adequately protected in today's digital age. Additionally, the CCPA recently issued an advisory cautioning celebrities and influencers against endorsing illegal activities, particularly in the context of the increasing prevalence of betting and gambling advertisements.