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Chinese intern dies after live-streaming gaming sessions for 5 days; company pays Rs 58,750

Jaya Vishwakarma
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A young college student in China, Li Hao, tragically died following an intense period of live-stream gaming sessions. Li, who was studying at Ping Ding Shan Vocational and Technical College in Henan province, had taken up a job as a gaming live-streamer in mid-October.

According to South China Morning Post report, The job was part of a six-month internship, a requirement for his course. He was employed in Zhengzhou, where he was expected to stream games online for a significant number of hours.

The report further said that Li's job required him to live-stream for at least 240 hours each month, for which he received a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan (approx. Rs 35,300). Between October 15 and November 10, he conducted 89 live-streaming sessions, the report said.


Notably, from November 5, he switched to night shifts, streaming from 9 pm to 6 am, in an attempt to earn more through better tips, despite being unhappy with this change.

The situation took a tragic turn on November 10. Li, who was asleep after completing his latest gaming session, was found by his roommate breathing rapidly and unresponsive. Despite immediate medical intervention and CPR, Li was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Raising concerns about health risks

The incident has now raised serious concerns about the health risks associated with excessive workloads and the pressure faced by interns and young employees.

The company, Henan Qinyi Culture and Media Co., has denied any responsibility for Li's death. The company's legal representative, Zhang, stated that the company had a cooperative agreement with Li, providing him a venue for streaming and taking a commission from the gifts he received from viewers.

They claimed they were unaware of Li's extensive late-night streaming schedule and suggested that Li had mismanaged his work hours. Despite denying responsibility, the company offered 5,000 yuan (approximately Rs 58,750) to Li's family as a gesture of "humanitarian concern."

The response from the company has led to a backlash on Chinese social media. Many people are criticizing the company for its apparent lack of responsibility and care for its employees' well-being. The trageic event has highlighted the need for more stringent regulations and protective measures for young workers, especially in high-pressure and demanding job roles like live-streaming.

The public outcry is a clear call for companies to be more accountable and to ensure the ethical treatment of their employees.

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