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Chingari collaborates with Gringo Entertainments

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Chingari collaborates with Gringo Entertainments

The social entertainment application Chingari has collaborated with Gringo Entertainments, a popular Punjabi music label, to support independent artists and regional music from across the country.


This collaboration emerged as a result of both platforms' shared interest in providing independent artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the public.

Speaking on this partnership, Sumit Ghosh, CEO & Co-founder – Chingari said, “The very objective behind the formation of Chingari was to become a platform that fosters the growth of art and artists and this collaboration is one of the many steps that the brand has taken in the direction of fulfilling this objective."

"Gringo Entertainments is one of the fastest-growing music labels in the country; it has become a source of motivation and entertainment for the entire audience and hence we are sure that this collaboration will enthrall the audience with energetic and musical Punjabi beats,” he added.

Over the years, the two brands have focused on building an authentic ecosystem for independent content creators.

Chingari has collaborated with several well-known celebrities and brands to make an impression on a national audience. Gringo Entertainments, on the other hand, became one of the industry's most trusted music labels as a result of its renowned music and extensive promotion base.

Gringo Entertainments' Founder, GS Sandhu, expressed delight at the addition of the two brands, GS Sandhu and AS Mac.

“Working in the music industry has always been a dream. With strategic planning and collaborations with renowned Punjabi stars, we have been able to release back-to-back tracks, which made our company stand strong in the industry. With our collaboration with Chingari, we hope our music content will get a wider reach amongst the right target audience,” he said.

Both companies will primarily focus on developing branding strategies to maximize the growth for both brands. Deepak Salvi, COO & Co-founder – Chingari further cleared the specifications stating that Gringo Entertainments can be assured of audience-specific branding and promotions with Chingari, resulting in increased market penetration.

“With Chingari, Gringo Entertainments can be assured of audience-specific branding and promotions, ensuring better market penetration.  Associating as the official socio-commerce partner for all music videos produced by Gringo Entertainments, they can expect an array of innovatively exciting strategies for the brand’s reach, while the audiences can begin the countdown to some amazing music tracks in the time to come," he said.

Gringo Entertainments has released over 49 popular Punjabi music videos in the last two years, featuring renowned artists such as Parmish Verma and Shipra Goyal, among others.

And as a result of this collaboration, Chingari will be the music label's socio-commerce partner, and all songs produced by Gringo Entertainments will be promoted on the Chingari app.

Chingari has a long record of collaborating with authentic brands that meet the entertainment and creative needs of the Indian audience. After rebranding in July 2020, the app received 1 million downloads in 15 days, 25 million in July 2020, and 50 million in February 2021. Sumit Ghosh, Biswatma Nayak, and Deepak Salvi founded it.

It is a genuine effort to not only remain the country's most popular social media app but also to be one of the most valued platforms that cater to the aspirations of artists.

Gringo is an authentic brand that promotes and publishes heartfelt music throughout the world. The company is involved in the coordination of production, manufacture, distribution, and marketing to enforcing copyright for music recordings.

It offers transparent contracts to independent artists for managing flexible terms as well as allows showcasing their talent on such a big platform.

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