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CIFDAQ launches blockchain ecosystem in India

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Himanshu Maradiya, the Founder & Chairman of CIFDAQ

Himanshu Maradiya, the Founder & Chairman of CIFDAQ

CIFDAQ, a fintech company that provides an AI-powered blockchain ecosystem, has launched its operations in the Indian market.

The company provides an AI-powered blockchain ecosystem that offers integrated solutions spanning the blockchain layer 1, native coin, exchange services, MPC wallet, DeFi, NFT, gaming and other products.

It has established its headquarters in Mumbai, with additional offices in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

Enhancing traditional frameworks


Leveraging AI, CIFDAQ's ecosystem aims to enhance traditional frameworks, merging them with the decentralized web of blockchain. This initiative seeks to balance centralized governmental frameworks with the decentralized economy, emphasizing transparency, security, scalability, and synergy with established economic systems.

Impact on the blockchain landscape

With its launch in India, The company aims to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem by introducing cutting-edge solutions that promote security, efficiency, and accessibility.

It will focus on empowering businesses and individuals, thereby driving growth and fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future through blockchain technology. Notably, The move will unlock the full potential of blockchain technology, making it more accessible and beneficial for a wider audience.

Leadership comments

Himanshu Maradiya, the Founder & Chairman of CIFDAQ, said, “We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter of CIFDAQ’s journey as we set foot in the vibrant and dynamic Indian market. Our innovative solutions are poised to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in India’s blockchain and digital finance ecosystem. We aim to empower businesses and individuals with enhanced security and efficiency, driving growth and innovation across various sectors.”

His son, Rahul Maradiya, Co-Founder and Global CEO of CIFDAQ, said, "We envision CIFDAQ as a catalyst for change, empowering businesses and individuals with cutting-edge solutions that enhance security, efficiency, and accessibility in the digital finance space. Our goal is to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem and unlock its full potential, paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.”