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CleverTap launches Clever.AI, an AI-driven edge for customer engagement and retention

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CleverTap launches Clever.AI

CleverTap, a customer engagement and retention platform, has launched Clever.AI, an AI engine designed to enhance customer engagement and retention.

The new engine aims to help brands build human-like understanding of customers and deliver personalized experiences, ultimately increasing customer lifetime value.

Offering brands insights through predictive AI

Clever.AI is built on three core pillars: Predictive, Generative, and Prescriptive AI. The company said that these pillars work together to make customer interactions more intelligent and efficient.


Clever.AI offers brand insights through predictive AI, which forecasts precise business outcomes. The AI engine is powered by CleverTap’s proprietary TesseractDB, which enhances data granularity and prediction accuracy, leading to improved marketing ROI.

Leadership comments

Anand Jain, co-founder and chief product officer of CleverTap, expressed the company’s excitement about the new technology, stating, "We're thrilled to unveil Clever.AI, a testament of our pursuit over the last several years in leading the way in adopting the latest tech to transform customer engagement."

"We will continue to innovate CleverTap’s all-in-one engagement platform with Clever.AI, enhancing its precision in predictions, its ability to prescribe intelligent customer experiences, strengthened by advanced product analytics and deeper persona profiling to ensure brands can build highly personalized experiences and campaigns more effectively, ensuring every customer interaction is personalized and outcome-driven," Jain said.

Boosting conversion rates and operational efficiency

CleverTap claims Clever.AI has already shown impressive results, including a 66% increase in conversion rates, a 35% boost in operational efficiency, and a threefold improvement in click-through rates.

The engine simplifies campaign rollouts, content creation, and experimentation, enhancing operational efficiency. TouchnGo, Swiggy, and Burger King are some of the notable companies that have used Clever.AI.

CleverTap plans to unveil its new AI capabilities through a Spring Release '24 event, highlighting how AI can make brands' campaigns more intelligent, efficient, and engaging. The company's unique AI capability, powered by TesseractDB, facilitates smarter and faster decisions, setting the stage for a new era of customer engagement.