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Clover Infotech elevates Harsh Jain as Chief Financial Officer

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Clover Infotech elevates Harsh Jain

Clover Infotech elevates Harsh Jain

Clover Infotech, a global technology services and consulting company, has announced the promotion of Harsh Jain to Chief Financial Officer, effective from April 1, 2024.

Jain brings over two decades of experience in corporate finance and has held significant leadership roles, including positions at PwC.

He is also recognized as a Chartered Accountant and an author of Indirect Taxes. He is also a faculty member who has shared his knowledge of Accountancy and Taxation with aspiring CA students.

What will Jain’s role entail?


In his new position as CFO, Harsh Jain will manage the financial operations of Clover Infotech. His responsibilities will include overseeing the strategic financial initiatives which are crucial for the company’s growth and stability.

Jain’s role will be integral in maintaining financial IT systems, managing vendor relationships, ensuring compliance with accounting standards, and managing risks related to cash, capital, and resources.

What does this appointment mean for Clover Infotech?

The elevation of Jain to CFO is seen as a strategic move for Clover Infotech, aligning with its goals for expansion and technological advancement.

According to Javed Tapia, Chairman of Clover Infotech, the modern CFO plays a vital role not only in financial management but also as a strategic partner across the organization.

Tapia expressed confidence in Jain’s capabilities, stating, "Harsh’s impressive track record and deep understanding of the above aspects place him well to assume the role of our CFO. I would like to congratulate him and wish him the very best.”

Kunal Nagarkatti, CEO of Clover Infotech, also congratulated Jain, highlighting the significant impact he is expected to have on the company’s future. Nagarkatti emphasized Jain’s role in guiding Clover Infotech across key financial metrics and strategic decisions, especially as the company seeks to expand into new technologies and geographies.

"His insights into the financial aspects of initiatives across delivery operations, sales, marketing, technology, human resources, and administration will be invaluable," said Nagarkatti.

Jain’s perspective on his new role

Expressing his gratitude and excitement about his new role, Harsh Jain shared, "I am honoured to be appointed as the CFO. I thank our Chairman and our CEO for entrusting me with this responsibility. Clover Infotech is a fast-growing organization, and we work across various geographies, industry verticals, technology products, and service delivery models. I relish the opportunities and the challenges that come with the role and look forward to contributing towards accelerating our growth and development to the best of my abilities.”