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Customer shares screenshot of fake Domino's Pizza outlets on Swiggy; Internet reacts....

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Fake Domino's Pizza outlets on Swiggy

Imagine you're craving pizza and decide to order from Domino's through Swiggy, but when you search for it, you find something fishy.

This is exactly what happened to a customer named Ravi Handa. He noticed that instead of just one Domino's Pizza, there were several with names that were slightly off, like "Domino Pizza" or "Domino's 2.0." It was a sneaky trick to make people think they were ordering from the real deal.

Although Ravi wasn't ordering Pizza, He took to X to share a screenshot of the fake outlets on the platform. In his post, he called out Swiggy, asking why they were letting these fake stores slide and why Domino's wasn't fighting back against these copycats.


"This is clearly a fraud. Only one of these is genuine. Why are you letting this happen?" he wrote. "Why isn't Domino's objecting to the blatant violation of trademark?" he added.

He also shared that one of his close ones fell for the fraud. "This isn't just a joke. Someone close to me actually fell for it. They realized it only after they got the delivery and saw the box," he wrote in reply to the first post. 

Swiggy's response

In response, Swiggy wrote, "Hey Ravi, we'd like to have this looked into. Please share your pincode over DM for us to have this checked." Since being shared, the post has amassed nearly 250K views and over 700 likes.

Netizens shares mix of reactions 

Netizens are now sharing a mix of reactions to this incident of fake Domino's outlets on Swiggy. Users pointed out that this issue is not limited to Swiggy, as Zomato also has similar features similar fake outlets on its app.

"Common sense can avoid many frauds", a user wrote in reply to Ravi's post. 

"Honestly I don't see how this is fault of either D or S," another wrote. 
A user named Bharat Dugar also higlighted a similar issue. He wrote, "Exactly same happened with me last year and the photos looked same as of Domino's so didn't even bother to check it more closely."