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CyberPeace partners with BSI Learning Institute to launch cybersecurity qualifications

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CyberPeace partners with BSI Learning Institute

CyberPeace partners with BSI Learning Institute

CyberPeace and BSI Learning Institute Australia have joined forces to launch the first-ever Indian-Australian Qualifications Cybersecurity program.

What is the aim of the newly launched program?

According to the company's statement, The program aims to bring Australian cybersecurity expertise to India, empowering both the youth and seasoned professionals in the country to enhance their skills and compete in the global cyber talent arena.

Major Vineet Kumar, Founder and Global President of CyberPeace expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of uniting to create a digitally secure future for upcoming generations.


He stated, “Together, they bolster cyber defense and security across 22 nations. Let’s unite to craft a digitally secure tomorrow for our future generations.”

Kala Philip, CEO of BSI Learning Australia, highlighted the significance of skilling the youth in globally recognized programs, enabling them to be part of the future cyber talent not just for India but for 21 other countries in the world.

“It’s the era of information warfare and protecting our organizations, customers, vulnerable communities, and children – takes collective intelligence and collaboration between both our countries," Kala said.

The program's panel to tackle the pressing concerns of the digital age

The program’s panel discussion, titled “Harnessing, Inculcating, and Fostering Global Cybersecurity Skilling Pathways,” focused on addressing strategies and initiatives to tackle the pressing concerns of the digital age, where the rapid expansion of technology and increasing global connectivity make cybersecurity a paramount concern for governments, organizations, and individuals alike.

Catherine Gallagher, Head of Austrade South Asia, said the partnership represents a crucial step in fostering bilateral skills cooperation between India and Australia in the face of prevalent cyber threats experienced by 60% of internet users.

She also mentioned the role of the Australia-India Business Exchange (AIBX) in strengthening commercial ties between the two nations and emphasized the potential of this collaboration to offer high-quality training and upskilling opportunities.

The discussions also delved into the importance of education, training, continuous learning, and upskilling to develop a proficient cybersecurity workforce capable of defending against escalating cyber threats.

Exploring potential international collaboration

The panel explored the potential of international collaboration and sharing best practices to establish robust skilling pathways, ensuring the protection of digital ecosystems and fostering a safer online environment for everyone.

The company said the partnership is aimed at bridging the cybersecurity skills gap and enhancing global collaboration, offering individuals and organizations the tools and knowledge needed to effectively combat cyberattacks and contribute to a more secure and connected digital world.

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