D2C Enablement SaaS Platform Contlo raises $800K in pre-seed round

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25 Jan 2022
D2C Enablement SaaS Platform Contlo raises $800K in pre-seed round

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Newark-based Contlo, an AI-powered Customer Data and Marketing Platform for Ecommerce and D2C brands, today announced it has raised $800,000 or Rs 5.98 crore in a new financing round led by Better Capital, Titan Capital, and other prominent angels.

Contlo is helping ecommerce stores and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to increase sales, drive customer loyalty and retention using omnichannel customer engagement including Email, Text, Push, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, and even Physical direct mails.

The SaaS startup, which is being used by 500+ ecommerce and D2C brands across the globe, was started by 2x founders Ishaan Bhola and Mukunda NS who have deep software and Ecommerce experience.

“Our vision is to provide enablement to Ecommerce and direct to consumer brands”, said Ishaan Bhola, co-founder, and CEO of Contlo. Contlo’s vertical-focused SaaS platform is built ground up for ecommerce and D2C brands and takes care of use cases specific to the ecommerce merchants out of the box thus leading to faster time to value.

“We are entering the golden age of ecommerce where online is becoming the primary channel of buying products and brands of the future are going direct to the consumer. Although it has never been easier to start an ecommerce store, it never has been harder to scale one due to challenges like customer retention and rising CACs," Ishaan said.

Apart from this, It also leverages AI to create a Customer 360 profile and leverage that to figure out what message to send to what customer at what time through what channel which results in dramatically higher conversions and robust personalization, the statement said.

According to Ishan, Contlo is helping ecommerce brands to own their marketing and customer relationships in a privacy-first manner vs renting it out from Amazon, Facebook, or Google.

Speaking on the investment, Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital, said: Contlo uses data science to help ecommerce merchants & D2C brands personalize omnichannel outreach to customers in a way that was never done before. We are excited to be Contlo’s founding stage partner."

Contlo says the raised funds will be used for hiring, doubling down on the product, and ramping up the go-to-market motion.

“D2C ecommerce market is exploding globally right now and Contlo with its merchant first approach & solid founding team is perfectly positioned to ride the Ecommerce enablement tailwinds. Great to partner with them from day zero on their mission to increase GMV of internet,” said Bipin Shah from Titan Capital.

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